Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Bloody Fangs of Fear!

It's Werewolf Western Wednesday here at THOIA, and today we have another one of these cool "Tales of the Ghost Rider" back-up stories as featured in GR's own Golden Age comic book series --check the archive for more! In these yarns, Ghost Rider is merely the host to the horrors that await, so gather 'round the campfire for a lurid tale of lycanthropy on the loose-- if'n that's what ya got hankering' fer! From Ghost Rider #7, (1954), and artwork as always by the great Dick Ayers!



Brian Barnes said...

At 54 they were running a little late to the soon to be defunct horror game, I assume with 10 or so issues Ghost Rider was doing western parodies!

Fun little werewolf tale, I like the beast (especially page 1, panel 3, that's pretty grisly!) Got the red herring, got the pre-announced chekhov's gun, and some great good girl art on page 6 (sexy while being murdered, and you can wonder why some people had a problem with horror comics!)

Are we to believe the skeletons in the cellar are the same skeletons as the Indians from 100 plus years ago? Not that is continuity!

Todd said...

Several things I like at the end: first, that Bela already is in midair, springing at Eva, and Nels still is able to open the door, announce himself, and stop the wolf from landing on her. I also like how he twice successfully wrestles Bela with his bare hands. But I think what I like most is that right after Eva explains male sons in her family become werewolves, Nels proposes marriage to her. They're gonna have a litter!

Mr. Cavin said...

You know, I read this days ago and then apparently I just up and plumb forgot to post a comment? Phew, this bizarre halflife is starting to take some kind of toll on my usually ironclad psyche.

I love the funny humpback beasts in this one. Ayers definitely crafted some arched and cantankerous looking werewolf imagery in every instance here--but obviously that cave-painted id-bison at the bottom of number three takes the cake. I like the action scene at the top of the next page a lot too. And the werewolves on page five are just as--oh wait, those are rats.

I have enjoyed this time travel back to Werewolf Wednesday!