Sunday, May 24, 2020

PBA Galleries Auction

PBA Galleries is having an auction of Pre-Code Horror comics on Thursday, June 4th, starting at 11am PST. The sale includes horror comics from a variety of publishers, including EC, Harvey, Atlas, Gilmor, Superior, Ajax-Farrell and others, as well as a handful of unique items from the Harvey Kurtzman estate, including rare EC production materials. The foremost horror lot in the sale is a 7.5 copy of Weird Mysteries #3, one of the best copies known to exist. 200 softcover catalogs were produced, as well as 20 hardcover copies in jackets.  To register to bid, buy a catalog or inquire about consigning, contact Ivan Briggs: 

CLICK HERE to view the online catalog!


Brian Barnes said...

Eccentric lot, from pre-codes to a huge run of early Spider-man, to a lot of Crumb stuff! Even some of the post-code EC text magazines, which have to be pretty rare.

Mr. Karswell said...

I wanted to add here that the catalog is beautifully designed as well, and over 150 pages it's just a great book on its own to have, full of useful info and high quality photos

Mr. Cavin said...

I can't have a catalog like this. I am just too damn permissive when I start convincing myself to buy stuff. Starts small: "Wouldn't it be nice to..." and then zooms until I can't even imagine what kind of life I'd be leading, man, if I didn't even spend four hundred measly bucks on a tattered up old comic I can't even crack the seal on ever. This is stuff I really do not need to be buying. I was too scared to even click the link, ha!