Thursday, December 5, 2019

Share My Coffin

Time for yet another tale where someone thinks hiding inside a coffin to break outta jail ever works! No spoiler there, fiends, you know it as well as I! A repeated theme doesn't make it any less fun, and hey, we also have Rudy Palais on art duty as well, so expect lotsa sweat drops, bizarre angles, and gaping, gory bullet holes too! From the September 1951 issue of Witches Tales #5, --plus a weird, quickie one-pager!

For another Harvey tale that asks you to NOT share your crummy coffin, CLICK HERE!


JBM said...

That cover is weird. What is going on there? Then a great dynamic splash. The shadowy story and art work well for me. It comes off as a nice noir. What's up with the line "like touching dead snakes"? I don't understand it. Strange how the early blood is not colored as the final two panels are. I enjoyed the one pager's "facts". Thank you so much Mr.K for posting.

Brian Barnes said...

Share my Coffin has one too many coincidences and conveniences to make the story good, but the art makes up for it! Page 1, panel 3 has slightly strange perspective but it's dynamic, the bars and shadows and the stabbing panel on page 2 are excellent, and I love the ghost panel on page 4, panel 6, which the wacky stretch of the low camera making everything look eerie.

Palais really knew how to turn in good artwork regardless of the story.

The witch facts is all sorts of awesome. First, I like black cats, and as far as I know, the ones I've had don't crawl! More badly draw spiders (6 legs) and I love the picture of Satan. He's like "not these idiots again, go away, get lost!"

Mr. Cavin said...

There are certain logical jumps in that story that I just can't follow, but I appreciate the fact that it's done what it can to avoid a by-the-numbers retelling of the usual "escape in a coffin" story referenced in the intro. I mean, very little of this takes place in a casket, for one thing; and, frankly, you'd be hard-pressed to convince me this guy ever had any kind of plan at all to begin with. Mostly it's the artwork I really love about this one. The pencils and inks are compelling and moody, but it's this color job that impresses me most. I love how cool it is, mostly blue and green. There's barely a dot of the magenta pass wasted at all in the first eighty percent of the story, and even then it's usually used to make dull brown. But then bam! Red curtains and blood holes all over the last page. It's really effective.

And while I do love the most weird world of witches, I am pretty skeptical you can count toads as "crawling things." Snakes, sure. Hell, I'll even accept cats and the somewhat-famous-for-actually-flying fly. But every schoolkid knows that crawling is definitely not a toad's motor operandi.

Grant said...

I don't always notice these things, but why would Louie be in the prison morgue when he was never a prisoner? But even if I'm right about that being a slip-up, that shouldn't interfere with the story.

It's funny, I don't hate or even fear a single one of the animals on that list, including rats. I guess snakes are the most obvious one to get the readers' approval, and I'm crazy about snakes.

Guy Callaway said...

Seems Rags likes snakes too, as he knows what dead ones feel like.
The witch-facts are priceless!

tim Curran said...

Love the Witch Facts. I want to know more about the Spider Death!