Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Old and the New!

I very rarely, if ever, upload post-code ACG stories to this blog because... well... typically they're not that great. But today's story from the November 1957 issue of Forbidden Worlds #60, is actually a bit spooky at times thanks to Ogden Whitney's chilling winter touches, plus some nice writing that propels this somewhat predictable premonition story along in the same fun manner as an old Twilight Zone or Tales of Tomorrow tv episode. And the added bonus-- a New Years Eve setting!

Here's hoping that everyone has a wonderful evening, stay safe, and we'll see you all on the other side, as we kick off the new Roaring 20's with lots, lots more!

Happy New Year! 


Bill the Butcher said...

Happy Old Year!

Grant said...

I know that at different times entertainment has been funny about saying "God," but "Gosh knows" - as opposed to maybe "Heaven knows" - sounds just a little awkward.
(You also hear it in one scene of CITIZEN KANE, but I feel the same way about it there.)

This story is a little like the TWILIGHT ZONE episode "Ring-A-Ding Girl," but with a happy ending for everyone.

JBM said...

I guess I have to start with a Lawrence Welk quote. "wonderful wonderful". I thought the storm's depiction at the start was outstanding. Thank you Mr.K. for another case of clueless husband/ intuitive wife. "Relax baby" The earring had me wondering. I liked the modern look given the new house. I liked the hair on the scan. "room for one more honey" and "the ring a ding girl" That last panel! So William Castle-like. The End! I had a rip-roaring time today. Cover Wow! I had a rip-roarin' time visiting your blog this year. A big THANK YOU for your efforts Steve. Have a happy new year everybody!

Brian Barnes said...

Ok, grit your teeth .... the coloring.

It's great. I do not know if it was a happy mistake or not, but the over use of yellows was great. It really drew your eyes to the more important snowy portions (white and gray panels are boring in comics, normally.). I also really like the "ad" type of art, static in places, thin lined and never distorted figures, it works well for the premonition type story.

The last panel we could have done without, though.

Happy new year, Karswell, and here's to many more!

Glowworm said...

Say what you will, I actually ENJOY post-code ACG stories. They still manage to be quite imaginative and creative--sometimes even on the verge of "What the heck am I reading?" territory.
Another thing I'd like to mention about ACG in general is that in their later issues, they liked to repeat stories from their sister comic book series--for example stories previously seen in earlier issues Forbidden Worlds would turn up in later issues of Adventures into the Unknown and vice versa--as well as later issues of Unknown Worlds. The one thing that set this apart from other comic lines however, was that oddly enough, the reprint always had a new title and a different coloring job. This story actually shows up in a 1964 issue of Adventures into the Unknown # 150--retitled as "Happy New Year!" Aside from the new coloring job and title change--the tale is identical--with one slight difference. In this version, the couple first encounters their adventure in 1953--in the reprint--it's 1962, and the party takes place during 1964 rather than 1957.

This is a fun story though with a nice twist that the couple was actually able to save everyone in time due to their knowledge of supernatural deja vu. Also, love that the wife finally recovered her missing earring. Yeah, the last panel with the experts really wasn't necessary--but it was a fairly common closure to many ACG stories-in particular, some short ones raging on weird occult happenings.

DJ_Man said...

I agree that a few, just a few, of the Code approved ACG stories are memorable.

I often see that particular sound effect "BARROOM!" in comics. Lately, I always imagine Homer Simpson saying "Bar Room. Mmmm, beer!"

Todd said...

I really like this one! I'm glad to see others do, too!