Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Nameless Horror

On this day in 1976, the big Dino De Laurentiis King Kong remake was unleashed upon the world, and yeah yeah ok, it's not the best film in the world, but I totally remember going to see it as an 8 year old kid and enjoying it anyway. So with that, let's take a look at another hulking tale of hairy horror, this one swingin' its way to you from the May 1952 issue of Beware Terror Tales #1 with some truly beastly art by Bernard Baily. It's Go-Go-Gorilla Tuesday at THOIA!


Speaking of monster apes, I found this WTC postcard at an antique mall a few weeks ago too! (Postmarked 1976 on the back)


Brian Barnes said...

I'm sure I won't be first on this, but the "nameless" horror gets named by panel 2!

I really like Tangunu. Very cartoon-ish, not particularly scary, but a striking comic image. His first appearance on page 2, framed by the moon and his club like paws (ok the artist had some problems) is fun. I like his close up on page 6.

There's a surprising amount of jungle action in this! The capture, fighting on the mast, etc. Without the supernatural elements it could have made a decent action strip, not counting that the hero would have been a jerk of the highest order (and nothing from the wife/girlfriend?)

There's a interesting art error on page 4, panel 6. They colored the background green in front of the girlfriend/wife (Enid? I had to search for her name, I could have missed it earlier, normally it'd be mentioned on the first page) and it makes like she suddenly gained 100 pounds! I heard cruise ship food was rich, but that's insane!

Grant said...

This is more than a little like BRIDE OF THE GORILLA, which in spite of its title is a pretty subtle horror film (I think it's been compared to the Val Lewton films). Of course, this one isn't as subtle as that, but it tries.

Mr. Cavin said...

Oh man, radiating spookie-doo circles and mystical floating paranoia eyes in the same frame! I love everything about the looks of today's post--the colors, the loose art and violent inking, even the process plate slips. Well, maybe I wish the team had worked a little harder on the first frame of page seven--the composition is weak and I'm sorry the tiger's head disappears into silhouette. Not that it's inaccurate--that's the first and last we see of that Cheshire tiger. I would love it if this story included a full page of menagerie free-for-all as the crew fends off all those other scary animals brawling away on the deck of the Ark. Now that's some adventure on the high seas, Noah style! But I guess that scene has been lost along with the spider pit sequence.

Todd said...

This one didn't initially hold my interest, but there's a lot going on here! I don't think I've ever seen a contagious ape bite before. I'd have more sympathy for what's-his-face if he weren't just casually shooting people early in the story. Hopefully Enid finds better back in the States.

JMR777 said...

An Ed Wood movie in comic book form, all that is missing is Wood's what-the-heck-is-he-saying-what-the-heck-does-he-mean philosophy/gibberish and it is a perfect Wood film. The icing on the cake would be Tor Johnson in a double role as the ape and the anti-hero.

This one was more fun than a barrel of Tangunus.

JBM said...

Thank you Mr.K. BLAM! BLAM! BANG! BANG! BLAM! BLAM! Such creative prose. No, really this was good fun. Thanks!

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad everybody enjoyed this one, Mr. Tangunu thanks you all for the comments as well! That's right, I've changed my name to Mr. Tangunu (for at least one more post anyway!)

COMING UP: More monkey business!