Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Man with the Beast-like Face

We're a day early, but Werewolf Wednesday is here and already howlin' at your moon (huh?!), and today it's a ferociously fun fright-fight courtesy of the April 1948 issue of Manhunt #7. Yes sir, Inspector Kirk is back (see another perplexin' post HERE) and ok we agree, it's pretty light on story, but man oh wolfman is it ever rockin' with the Scotland Yard copper trading fisticuffs vs. lycanthrope action! So don't ask any questions, just sit back and enjoy the ringside (and rooftop) seat as we all learn another valuable lesson in how to stop a weird ass werewolf!

This story even graced the full cover on a later 1954 reprint! POW! 


Mestiere said...

Scotland Yard is the police of London. Apparently it also has a time travelling division judging by the houses where the wolfman attack took place.

"A girl — dead, inspector. Some big dog must've gotten 'er!" It left doggy fingerprints on her neck!

"There aren't any dog tracks... but — there are 𝚑̲𝚊̲𝚗̲𝚍̲ ̲𝚖̲𝚊̲𝚛̲𝚔̲𝚜̲ on her dress! Yet a 𝚖̲𝚊̲𝚗̲ wouldn't have killed like that!" He also marked his territory by leaving a green puddle around her head after eating asparagus!

Damn! I'm the only English cop who can hang around with a 9 mm in his pocket, enter an apartment without a warrant, and it turns out my bullets don't work because they're not silver!

"Ca — Agh! Can't h-hold the monster o-off...!" Fortunately it only has teeth on it's lower jaw so it can't bite me!

Somehow we went from being "in a little bedroom on the third floor" to being on the roof. What was I thinking? Where was I taking the prisoner?

"The poor devil leaped to his death! Maybe it's better that way...!" Of course he could jump because I took him to the roof. Why did I do that? Well, there's nothing left to do but light my pipe with a cigarette lighter. We don't do things the easy way on Scotland Yard!

JBM said...

Google hasn't allowed this tech ignoramus to say it lately, so thank you Mr.K for a wonderful October full of treats. Congratulations on achieving milestones to be proud of. Thank you for doing it.

Brian Barnes said...

A good bit the look is obviously lifted from Universal's Wolfman here. The Universal wolfman is my second favorite wolfman face, my favorite was the variation they used for Marvel's Werewolf by Night (which also borrowed from I was a Teenage Werewolf.)

The art is excellent for 1948, it's dynamic and the fight works well though there's a couple stagings I might change. A real great effort. Page 4/panel 3 is kind of weird, I wonder if the artist messed up and was rushed.

Why comic wolfmen seem to forget they have claws I'll never know. He could have slashed out Kirk's throat easy but instead decided to choke him.

BTW, is Inspector Kirk the luckiest guy ever? "Better take along this silver handcuffs I was going to hand to a ... guy ... sometime ..."

JMR777 said...

This could have been a B horror flick from the forties- don't worry about the questionable plot, just show the monster and the detective fight and give the kiddies in the audience a thrill!

"People fail to realize that most good detective 'genius' is just that- legwork!" This is so true for police work, especially Scotland Yard.

A howling good tale, Karswell, thanks!

Todd said...

I never tire of Werewolf Wednesday!

"Moon… glowing… shiny… making me want!" Now, to fit that on a bumper sticker.

I call foul on Inspector Ronald Kirk, though. At the bottom of page four, his hand is almost as hairy as Martin Klegg's! "Maybe it's better—that way…!" Yeah, you just don't want the competition, jerk.

Mr. Cavin said...

Classic Wolf Man stuff! Apparently I am several days late (it is already Beast-Face Friday from where I'm sitting), but I thought this one was a real charmer. Besides that excellent werewolf throwdown match, I have to say that silver handcuffs are an inventive new angle I haven't seen before. I guess they were to be somebody's Scotland Yard retirement gift ("just one wee week and I'm out, eh wot?")? I wonder if DI Kirk actually peeled those bracelets back out of the hairy mess on the sidewalk and got them to the presentation event on time?

Mr. Karswell said...

Anyone that wants to go through the THOIA archive and document all the different ways we've killed a werewolf in precode comics so far, gets a special xmas present this year from Mr. Karswell himself! ;)