Sunday, November 24, 2019

Food For Thought!

If the tainted canned meat of our last post hasn’t left a horrific taste in your mouths, I'm positive that today's self serving of even fresher, rarer meat will surely do the trick! Or it'll make you just as sick, either way-- bon appetit, fiends! From the Winter 1952 - '53 issue of Dark Mysteries #10.

And thanks to Jon Appetit for the scans!


Todd said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian Barnes said...

Phil, what a dope! Next restaurant I go to I'm standing up and screaming "MUST HAVE MAN FOOD!"

A fun tale that seems cobbled together from EC tales -- the splash is very vintage EC with a crypt/vault keeper cosplay. I enjoy the little skulls and crazy monsters in the text panels.

This artist -- interesting. The splash is great. 3 panels later you get the worst plane crash I think I've seen in a comic. Kadrina is mostly well drawn in a good girl way but sometimes the close up of the face is ... strange. The last panel has some weird perspective. It works for this story, and my complaints are minor, you have to wonder how rushed this guy was. The splash was great, it's obvious other parts didn't get the same love (deadlines, low pay, to be expected.)

Phil seems completely unhinged by the end. OK, maybe she is cheating, but "I'll kill her." Calm down, Phil!

Grant said...

It's funny how Phil is a classic "domineering" husband on Page 3 - "And you, darling, will keep house!" - but then on Page 6, when he says to Kadira, "You've got to do what I tell you!" it's about stopping her cannibalism!

JMR777 said...

Well, the old witch on the splash page might be Hephzibah Grimm from Grimm's Ghost Stories. I'm glad she found work at Gold Key Comics after the horror comics purge of the fifties.

I could imagine this tale being reworked by Eerie or Creepy, with Phil revealed to be a ghoul so they could live 'happily' ever after, except for their neighbors of course.

Poor Kadira, I have heard of the old slang describing a pretty girl as 'a real dish' but she took that saying literally.

Grant said...

I'm sure even the earliest Eerie or Creepy issues wouldn't have left in those separate beds. But apart from that, yes.

Mr. Cavin said...

Cor, xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment everywhere you look these days.

I guess this is the semantic polar opposite, but I grew up as a lacto-ovo vegetarian in the early eighties--I know all about how it is to live with the stigma of unconventional dietary needs. I never had to circumnavigate the globe in a bid to escape tribal persecution, though. And, so far as I know, I've never been referred to as a "crazy monster" by the police. But I have been shunned at a pizza party for refusing to eat what everybody else is having, so I feel like Kadira and I share a special bond. And even though she got a bum deal here, I'm still pretty impressed that she can eat all she wants and still lose weight. I'm the polar opposite of that, too.

Bill the Butcher said...

1.Wait, I thought Well Coiffured White Jungle Girl's adoptive tribe hated whites? Did the writers of this comic read themselves?

2.This is a pre-code comic, right? I ask because of the separate beds with the lampstand in between.

3.Must Have Man Food! How about woman food?

4.Ever notice how women in these comics are always either helpless victims or monsters? You never have innocent female bystanders or (gasp!) heroines.