Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Man Without a Body

We're sticking with Atlas for a few more posts, but now diving deep into the April 1954 issue of Marvel Tales #122, with a tale of shabby science colliding with extreme gold digging (a favorite theme among miserable pre code writers and artists apparently!) But hold the phone-- does this one end the way they usually do?


Mestiere said...
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JBM said...

I wonder about the inevitable invisible ghostly vengeance that was not shown. I don't believe they'll get away with.... Thank you Mr.K. another fun one.

Glowworm said...

Wow, this one ends with the gold digger literally getting away with murder! I wonder if Eric is going to stick around and haunt them for a while. After all, he's got nobody else to be with!

Brian Barnes said...

Note that in spirit form, Eric can hold a paper, but at the same time, walk through walls. I don't think there's a thing Vincent and Lola can do to stop Eric from murdering them right there. His body is already gone, and he's still around, so the real ending is curtains for Vincent and Lola!

I like the ending, it's unannounced by still very funny.

Another good multi-panel row with fun busy backgrounds (page 3), and the art is good in places and kind of meh in others. Uniformly good coloring, though nothing special. Good pacing, a fun read!

Mr. Cavin said...

Ha ha, what could go wrong, Eric? Lots of guys want to (finally!) part the ole body and ghost when their girls go and laugh 'em right in the baby doll. Still, I must recognize the pluck of this guy's rather Kevorkian racket to scam up enough dough to buy the woman he loves. And hey, he's probably immortal now.

I love the lively mad science panels on page three. So much in the way of eerie spookie-doo radiation lines! Totally beautiful kookery.

JMR777 said...

When I read this story yesterday I decided I didn't want to be the first one to comment, but since no one else has yet I will now-

Great story, dumb inventor. Eric should have mentioned that if his body was removed or harmed in any way, the machine would explode destroying everything and everyone in a four block radius (hey, he can lie to protect himself, can't he?)

I wonder if Eric will take over Vincent's body and end up with the million dollars after turning states evidence against Lola for killing Eric and blackmailing Vincent/Eric into disposing of the body.

The basis of this tale could go in so many different directions- the ultimate James Bond spying device, superhero, outer space/sci-fi, world's greatest treasure hunter (a spirit can go darn near anywhere, through the earth, underwater, etc.)

Thanks for posing this out of body experience, Karswell!

Darci said...

My guess is Lola will get Vincent to do her ghostly work next. Perhaps they'll move up to insider trading?

Grant said...

Why doesn't Eric just keep racking up the money to keep Lola with him, WITHOUT showing her the machine? After all, the first part of the story shows that he can't be all that trusting when it comes to her.
It might be reaching, but it reminds me of the MST3K movie HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT - Marv tells opportunistic Betty IN ADVANCE about the huge heist he's planning, and she immediately sends her real boyfriend Vince to steal it from Marv.