Monday, August 19, 2019

The Baby Sitter / The Glasses!

The aliens have landed, as we continue unraveling the marvelous mysteries of the April 1954 issue of Marvel Tales #122. And it's a creepy creature double feature for you as well, with Tony Dipreta and Chuck Winters reminding you that we are most certainly not alone in the universe!


Mestiere said...
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Brian Barnes said...

Bravo to whoever wrote "The Baby Sitter." Everything in it is well-worn, the terrible step father, the poor wife and step-son, and in the end, he gets his just deserts ... except ... it was all by accident! Just a bunch of non-violent entities, evidently bored out of their gaseous skulls, waiting for somebody to command them around! A rightful death but no rightful vengeance. I loved it!

I wonder if the sexy baby sitter was modeled off of a star or model of the day?

The glasses was fun, but I just couldn't get into the monsters.

I want to order one telescope, one binoculars, and one microscope, duct tape them altogether and see if that collapses the universe!

Glowworm said...

The first story is hilarious. I've heard about wrong numbers, but this is ridiculous! Never mind how that command got to them, you have to admit that Mu makes a really good babysitter for their first try.
I love how George is such an asshole, even the narrator keeps telling us so every chance they can. Also, Mu as a babysitter is so pretty, "she's" simply out of this world.
I love how Ann somehow knows that George is never coming back--and naturally both Ann and Johnny aren't very upset about it.
Also, I love how George's dead body simply floats around in space afterwards.
As for the second tale--so were the aliens simply hanging out in Philip's apartment the entire time, but they had no idea that he was there until they decided to put on the 3D glasses? Also, his full name is Philip Philips.

JBM said...

Interesting art on the first one. Kind of muted or fuzzy, but the panels were full and projecting/propelling the story properly/perfectly. I enjoyed it and felt gladdened at the end. I got an R. Crumb vibe on the second offering. Those hands were almost characters in this one. The endings were wonderful here. Thank you Mr. K. I love Sci-fi and these had that feel. I've never really enjoyed a 3D product. They just didn't work/add anything for my mind. Thanks again.

Mr. Cavin said...

What a groovy alien design in the first story. I mean, the little teletubby antennae may be a bit cartoonish, but the rest of it is really surreal and unique. I like the curdled fifties domestic comedy vibe of that one, too. Like, I could imagine the ironic Oliver Stone laugh track in all the step-family scenes. Dig the cosmic apotheosis of George's incorruptible mummy floating in the stars forever. The rest of us will rot away, but George is eternal.

Grant said...

The funny thing is, George isn't the only nasty stepfather who's killed accidentally and indirectly by aliens. There's also the Russell Johnson character in THE SPACE CHILDREN.

Since reading Brian Barnes' comment, I'm trying to imagine an actress or model that the babysitter is based on, but I'm drawing a blank.

Guy Callaway said...

'The Glasses!':
Did William Castle see this before prepping '13 Ghosts'?
Both great tales!

Bill the Butcher said...

Alien oxygen?

Rarefied atmosphere of space?