Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Living and the Dead!

The atmospheric art of Al Eadeh is always a welcome addition to the THOIA Archive, so here we go with another frighteningly fine, exceptionally eerie entry, and this time from the January 1954 issue of Mystic #26.


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Glowworm said...

Nice twist there, I wasn't expecting Oscar's ghost writer to be--well an actual ghost! I was half hoping that maybe Oscar would actually help the spirits out--and then he's get a banging new story to write out of it, but then I forgot that Oscar also happened to be a jerk too.

JMR777 said...

I knew I had read this tale before, it was reprinted in Tomb of Darkness 1974.

Thanks Karswell for reminding me how great this tale is, art and story wise.

Brian Barnes said...

I usually ramble on about these stories.

Today, I say page 4, panel 3, and the two panels that surround it. What a piece of art. That is one I'd love to have hanging in my office.

There's no much else to say. That's a great horror panel.

Guy Callaway said...

'One Of The World's Most Mystic Tales!'
Wow...if that's the case, this is a keeper!! ;)

Mestiere said...

"Why not go to my old cottage in the country? It's quiet... peaceful on the moors!" The moors? It was England all along! That's why Oscar Holmes says "rubbish" in the first panel instead of "garbage".

"I received Mr. Salem's letter that you would arrive today!" But Salem was a ghost! His letters were real? I thought Holmes was hallucinating that he was burning Salem's notes. How did Salem pay the caretaker? Unless the caretaker himself was another ghost. But in that case, why did he warn Holmes against trespassing into the cemetery?

"Hmmm... just had the strangest feeling as I passed that tree! It's as if I... I passed from one world into another!" I wonder what that feeling was like. It seems very specific. It's like in this cover from The Flash. How can you feel you are being "puppetized"?

The ghosts seem more ethereal and less real beyond "the border", the opposite of what one would expect.

"Yes, Oscar... I was one of these doomed souls all the time!" All the time! You can have a friendship that can last, presumably, for years and never know the other guy is dead. How many of your friends are dead and you don't know it?

"No! No! You don't exist, I tell you! There are no witches!" That kind of pathological disbelief might be real. They say seeing is believing but sometimes a firm belief in the non-existence of something won't let you see. In his 1989 book Transformation author Whitley Strieber mentions an incident that happened in his property in upstate New York in front of multiple witnesses. Several people were in a meditation circle when it became filled with a golden light for a full minute. Most people in the circle saw the light. Psychologist, science writer and amateur astronomer John Gliedman did not, but he got a massive headache, as if from the effort of resisting seeing anything. Could it be that, apart from people seeing "things", there are people who won't see what is really there?

JMR777 said...

Fallowing up on what Mestiere mentioned, "They say seeing is believing but sometimes a firm belief in the non-existence of something won't let you see."
That reminded me of a 'Tales From the Darkside' episode titled "The Circus". The cynical reporter (who refused to believe vampires, werewolves, etc. could possibly exist) was told by the circus owner 'If a man who believes, sees a ghost, he is merely frightened. A man who disbelieves, and comes face to face with what he denies, may well die of Shock.'

Some seek the truth, while others only seek to verify their own version of the truth, and will discount any and everything that doesn't match up with their view of the truth.

JBM said...

Thank you Mr.K. for this dose of great grim ghostliness. It was perfect. Such terrific outlined spectral entities. Five pages that deliver the goods in every way.