Sunday, June 16, 2019

Ghoul Crazy

It's Father's Day, and what's the one thing that most dads want on this day more than anything else? I mean besides money. That's right-- GIRLS! So let's rip open the August 1953 issue of Mysterious Adventures #15, fire up Rotley Grue's "Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls" on the old turntable, and see how the holiday ends for our hero in this traumatizing tale of untamed lust.

More bowling horror! Dad's love bowling!


JBM said...

Mysterious Adventures cool cover predates previous post so I guess it came first. Bowling was quite popular, I don't remember seeing a head used that way. Now you've shown us two examples. The scary coloring on the first page just adds to the horror here. "UNNH AGGH GGH!" So gruesome. OK. Is creep gregg amoral or evil? I say evil. Lily comes on the scene. Lily Lilith. Is she our instrument of justice? Once again not the ending I was anticipating. Totally crazy in every aspect. Flirting grotesquely. What putrid prose. Thank you Mr. K., I enjoyed this one.

Glowworm said...

Page 3, the second panel made me laugh with Gregg stating "...suspect the murders are the work of a maniac! Those idiots! I'm no crackpot--I'm a real smart boy!"

So I guess that pictures of Lily DIDN'T help Gregg sleep at night.

JBM said...

Love the "Pictures of Lily reference". The Who had a lot of really good songs. I think I will listen to some. Thank you Glowworm.

Mestiere said...

"Happy anniversary, darling! We've known each other a month!"

"You're right! This is March 13th!"

"And Friday again!"

It was true! There were two consecutive Friday the thirteenths in 1953, in February and in March.

This story reminded me of Swamp Thing, Vol. II, #44, where a serial killer who remembers all his 165 victims by their eyes has some familiar people waiting for him when he dies. A hundred and sixty-five of them!

Nequam said...

Felt like a steal from Tales from the Crypt's "None But the Lonely Heart", although having ALL the previous victims show up is more like HBO's take on that story.

Glowworm said...

Looks like our playboy turned out to be a real slayboy instead!

Mr. Cavin said...

Guess it wasn't a leap year.

Man, the dialogue really crackles in this one. And I love art like this--clean as a whistle! Or clear as a bell? Whichever. It's mostly very tidy, like an Ogden Whitney illustration or maybe Alex Toth animation models. Everything but that giraffe-spotted sky at the bottom of page four, that is.

That womp womp forehead smack in the final panel was hilarious. "Revengeful undead victims? D'oh!"

Brian Barnes said...

This is the right art for this tale, it's clean and works well because, other than the last page, it's a very film noir tale. The last panel is great. I think some of the confusion comes because of an art error -- Lily was Millie in disguise, but the top two panels on the last page don't show the transform and don't adequately point it out.

As good as the art is, I'm not a fan of the constant blue sky and solid black backgrounds. It gets a little boring to the eye, which sucks because the art is really good and works well.

Another fun one!

JMR777 said...

GCD doesn't give the name of the artist, but it has the look and feel of Pete Morisi's work. Morisi did freelance work in the fifties so it could have been him (key words here is 'could have been.')

JBM said...

Is there a better horror/rock fun song than "Boris the Spider"?