Thursday, June 6, 2019

Flee the Mad Furies

Attractive good girl art by Alex Blum highlights this odd little supernatural tale of witchcraft and murder, from the Fall 1952 issue of Ghost Comics #4. Actually a reworked "Ghost Gallery" story from Jumbo Comics #81, this is yet another spooker that, despite all of those lovely long legs and negligee panels, didn't quite make the Swamp Monsters book cut.


JBM said...

Enjoyed this tale, especially liked the extending out of panel art. Thank you Mr. K.

Mestiere said...

My last comment hasn't appeared after two days but let's take a chance.

Rowena knew much about witchcraft but seemed to own only one dress (and Drew the one suit!)

Rowena thinks: "Now that Leila's dad—whose name I can't seem to remember—disappeared in the swamp, it's just a matter of getting rid of Leila herself so i'll keep the house. But I already chased her out her dad's room with a sword and she never even called the cops. And that Drew guy did nothing. Maybe I already won? After all without the body of Leila's dad (damn, what's his name?) neither of us can inherit anything for years. But I'm an evil Gypsy so, kill."

"Avant Hespersudus! Stay back!" Avant means "before" in French, but if you say it with enough authority it can mean anything you want!

"I saw the heavy candlestick lash toward me... but could not dodge the blow!" Oh Drew, you are so useless!

Now Rowena climbs the wall to Leila's room in high heels and with one hand (she has to hold the flowers). But Leila's door was unlocked! Drew just opened it! And Rowena tried to scale back down instead of using the door! Rowena, you were more stupid than Drew! At least your comeuppance happened completely off panel to save you further embarrassment.

Brian Barnes said...

This is the first time I've seen a confusing info dump in the first caption!

Boy this artist was having fun. There's more leg shots than monster drawings! At least two overly-defined butt drawings (last page, panel 5 being especially pervy and I'm not complaining!)

The art is really interesting. It suffers from being really static in places, and stuff like page 2 panel 4 are weirdly positioned. But he could draw great pin-up art! I really like the weird lighting effect around the candles. It looks like constant explosions are going off!

This almost felt like a Scooby-doo mystery for a while, but, nope, real ... er ... mad furies? They didn't seem mad! And how did the picture tie into all of this?

JBM said...

I went to the DCM and read the "Jumbo Comics" version. The storyline made a lot more sense as originally written.

Mr. Karswell said...

yeah well, I don't have that version... sorry folks

Mr. Cavin said...

This little story picked up a lot of funky mood about halfway through page three. I dig the feverish plot mechanics of the first third, too; but then the tempo slows down into some kind of weird swamp spooky-doo and that's much better. The last panel of three and the top of four might make a nice public mural. And then page five looks like a haunted lingerie ad. Actually, this story is full funky moods!

And what a cover! Man, I would not have been able to pass this issue up on the newsstand.

Grant said...

Rowena has a real Veronica Lodge look. It's kind of fitting that she and the blonde girl of the story are such rivals.