Friday, April 13, 2018

The Purple Mists!

Hey, it's SCARY SCI-FI FRIDAY so let's blast off for a gruesome little tale o'tomorrow adventure that I think you all will really enjoy-- highlighted by some super spooky art from HORRORS OF IT ALL fave and friend, Hy Fleischman! So Happy Friday the 13th, fiends, and what ever you do-- stay away from the mists!! AIEEEEE!!! (Cover art by Bernard Baily)

From the March 1953 issue of Weird Tales of the Future #6.


Morbid said...

I just woke up but it feels like I'm still dreaming when I read this. It doesn't really seem like a science fiction story but more like a legend of explorers who visit a mysterious island. But that's the way most of Hy Fleischman's stories play out -- like folk tales.The men are even using knightly swords to cut through the jungle instead of machetes, and say things like: "Only humans know how to make fires." The drawing is Fleischman's usual solid job of detail and the acid-wash victims are absolutely great!

Mestiere said...

I thought that there was a giant face on the lower right panel of page two. That the smoke was coming out of a nose and that I could see a closed eye and a smiling mouth under the nose. "Cool" I thought, "the mountains are literal sleeping giants!" But no. Unless the artist was having some fun at our expense. In which case, kudos!

Seeing spacemen dealing with a jungle with swords obviously designed for stabbing is hilarious.

They can't be human... at least not Earth human!" There are alien humans? That's a massive revelation! Humans have evolved in more than one planet!

What happened to the brother? Since that animal on page two was killed by the purple mist it must be a recent phenomenon or animal life couldn't have evolved. Is it possible the brother landed before the mist appeared and managed to avoid it? Maybe he moved to a part of the planetoid without the mist? Are we to assume he was one of the deformed astronauts? "Rex, you shouldn't have come here" one of them could have said. "Brother (they never mentioned his name), what happened to you?" I guess they subverted expectations by not addressing the brother angle, but subverting expectations does not necessarily result in better writing, as a certain recent Sci-Fi movie perhaps shows.

A comment on the purple mist. Not the mist, but the sky in most alien worlds with an Earthlike atmosphere would probably be purple. That's because 90% of stars are red or orange while ours is white (it looks yellow in our atmosphere but satellite pictures confirm it's white).

I enjoyed this little story.

Mr. Karswell said...

Yes, I believe it's implied that they killed the "monsters" without realizing one of them was possibly his brother

Brian Barnes said...

There's an EC story -- possibly itself lifted from textual sources -- very much like this.

The art is very cool, the dripping metal panel on page 2 is clever, and the acid-washed spacemen are good images. The story is all sorts of hard to believe to just absolutely impossible, but I think everybody above has covered that!

I like the length, just right for this kind of tale.

And Karswell, slow down! I don't think I've seen this blog this active since it's early days! You're going to kill yourself!

glowworm2 said...

I always wondered what the purple stuff was in the fridge in those Sunny D commercials. Now after reading this comic, I no longer want to know...

Mr. Karswell said...

>And Karswell, slow down!

Ok... see you all again sometime in June

anthrax2525 said...

And the circle starts again.

Nice twist bit at the end, nice vintage story. Thanks again, Mr. K.!

Mr. Cavin said...

Here's something you just don't see all that often: a black halftone screen. I'm used to seeing the nice even dots of Zip-A-Tone or CrafTint Duotone Paper employed here and there for detail by the artist/inker. Wally Wood used every process he could get his hands on, and Fleischman even uses some here in the rocket shading on page one. See, the dots are bigger. But this is a rare case of the colorist employing black dots along with the usual C/M/Y screens. Those dots are much smaller. I like it. They really pulled out all the stops making this one, visually. I'd love to know what it looked like before it aged sixty-five years on bad paper.

Fleischman's always amazing. I love those bold details. The chunky splash and astronauts looking up at the night sky on page four are great images. And I like the walking acid zombies just as much as everybody else does.