Saturday, April 28, 2018

From the Graves They Crept

It's the unlucky 13th post of April 2018 (man, I haven't posted 13 stories in one month since January 2015!), and lucky for you it's a creeptacular overload of worm-riddled, zombie vengeance from the March 1954 issue of The Beyond #25. Jim McLaughlin seriously pulled out all of the undead stops he had up his sleeve for this one! We'll see everyone right back here in May, and stay tombed-- unless your tomb needs an upgrade!


Morbid said...

Now that was some kind of awesome! So great panels. That one where she commands the dead to rise was chilling! Thanks for posting this one, Karswell.

Unknown said...

A great story with great artwork to compliment it. I love the fact that the zombies ruined the undertakers business and left him pennyless. It was much better than killing him outright since he clearly valued his money and business far more than his life or wife.

Brian Barnes said...

This is a really beautiful story about balancing the scales. My only minor complaint is it's a bit wordy at times, but that's minor.

The entire story flows very well and never needs talking heads to explain the plot (the bad burial at the beginning displays his schemes and how they work.). Exposition is kept to a minimum and the pace is great.

Some really nice zombie art, especially the final panels with the ghost/zombie wife (yes, I've learned to live with that weird dichotomy that horror comics in the 50s had!)

Mr. Cavin said...

" men's profits are sometimes measured in dead men's soundless screams..."

Oh that old saw. If I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times.

Wonderful dead people art here. I'd love to see the original boards, with all the original details generational loss and time have obscured. These are really expressive faces and almost impressionistic skeletal bodies. The effect is disturbing. It's hard to watch cadaverous figures filing around a factory. It's a little too evocative of the Holocaust.

The color work here is extraordinary. Look at all the yellows in that zombie skin, or worked throughout the floodwaters. Gorgeous.