Sunday, April 22, 2018

Calling All Ghouls

Let's keep the Ace terror train a'rollin' for a few more posts, as we belt a shivery shout-out for a kooky Chic Stone mad science classic from the May 1953 issue of The Beyond #20.


Brian Barnes said...

That was a great read. It was fast and full of all the stuff that a goofy horror comic should be. The re-arranging of the faces was a fun addition, though it never really amounted to anything.

I'm starting to get to be two minds about the hard coloring of some of these Ace tales. At first, I wasn't a fan, I thought it was too stark and bright. But for a tale like this, which speeds along and throws a lot of things at the wall, it works. It's much more an adventure comic than an outright horror comic.

I still think the green background/yellow figure sticks out like a sore thumb, though.

Pearse O'Leary said...

Nice gaslighting of his new bride there. Good to get the marriage off on a good foundation.

Mr. Cavin said...

My god, this is an excellent specimen of full-blown nuttery from that first text block forward: "Hey, you don't really remember me, but we're related. I've been stalking you, and it seems the time is ripe to have you and your cute new wife up to the lab. Plenty of money. Come at midnight!" Hoo boy, if you can swallow that one... cue theremin.

Which reminds me: man, the last panel on page one is certainly just asking to be misused in Photoshop.

Grant said...

I've never actually seen it, but the idea of gangster characters revived by a mad scientist sounds like the plot of "Creature With The Atom Brain."