Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bride of the Swamp

Time to head back into the swamp where awaits another sexy blonde with a whole different set of "issues." This one’s for the commenter last month who requested a “reptilian menace, whether mutated monsters or grisly alligator death!” Thanks for being so specific! I think I actually covered all 3 bases with this one too.

From the September 1954 issue of Forbidden Worlds #33


todd said...

Thanks for saving my life and nursing me back to health! Oh, your skin's sorta scaly, so I gotta kill you. No offense.

T. R Xands said...

"You saw...nothing!"

Haha, I love it. Those Cajuns and their swamp brides and alligator women in skimpy daisy dukes...and the first thing I'm gonna do when I see my lover turning into an alligator is get so drunk I fall over a chair. Not, you know, get the hell out of there.

Loved it, so many gold moments, the ending there they both die is great. Great post :D

Chuck Wells said...

This story really drew me into it. Quite entertaining!

The Vicar of VHS said...

God, Latham, you IDIOT! You've got a HAWT swamp chick who is constantly hanging all over you (whenever she's not POURING YOU FREE WHISKEY or bending over to get something from a low cabinet...), and you go and blast her because of a little thing like nocturnal reptilian transformation? YOU SO STUPID!

Fantastic art in this one, probably the best cheesecake shots so far (that red-tinted shot with the whiskey bottle should be a tattoo on my forearm...I could make it dance...). The transformation shots are great too. Loved this one!

Of course her transformations explain why she was all over Latham--body heat! That's one cold-blooded broad!

(Still, I wouldn't throw her out of bed for getting scaly--we've all dated chicks like that, AMIRITE?)

The Vicar of VHS said...

Oh, and I have a Cajun lore story of my own. I lived in Baton Rouge for a couple of years, and while I was there some of the natives told me about the Grunches--a local legend concerning monsters who live in the swamp and prey on young kids who go out parking on certain dark roads. According to what they told me, the Grunch is the blasphemous offspring of a lonely Cajun swamp dweller and a sheep--half-man, half-ram, all murderous.

Now the group I was hanging with at the time were all writers, so he might have been making it up...still, you gotta watch out in Baton Rouge when there's a baaaaad moon risin'...

I never heard of the Bride of the Swamp, but of the authentic Cajuns I met, I wouldn't discount the idea that they might rassle a gator and have their way with it...just watch out for that tail!

Anonymous said...


Karswell said...

Xand's and Vicar's comments about canjuns and the Grunch Who Stole Christmas gives me an idea for this comments section. Does your hometown have any interesting unhuman legends like this post? Shapeshifting creatures, animal brides, etc... ? Let's hear 'em!

Jeffos said...

Man, that is the greatest splash page ever! Apparently you can show nipples if they're reptilian. And then that sucker punch!

Vicar made me laugh out loud. Did that guy have a great set-up, or what? Hey, as long as you keep the door locked and the gun loaded, laissez les bons temps rouler. As we've learned, skinny girls don't have oomph. That's some real oomph at the top of p3.

The long, claw-like nails on Jenanne at the top of p6 are a very nice artistic touch.

Even if it's little low on the gruesome scale, I declare this grawesome!

todd said...

Does your hometown have any interesting unhuman legends like this post? Shapeshifting creatures, animal brides, etc... ?

Mine does not, but the Mad Gasser of Mattoon is right down the road.

Zen Wizard said...

Good one--missing the token sailor, but you can't have everything.

Horror pariah said...

Wow.that's a hilariously awesome way to escape from the cops,when a story begins like that,you KNOW it'll be good,and i love the art, really gave a bayou mood to the whole for personal legends,well my home town has plenty of weird superstitions,but none like that,however i have travelled to Boggy Creek several times,dissapointing.the only monsters there were the stupid hunters on the same trail as us,loud,obnoxious and smelly,no wonder the monster kept away!.

Karswell said...

I've mentioned before somewhere around THOIA about MOMO the Monster, so instead of repeating myself here's a link for those interested:

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