Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Army of Walking Dead, aka The Zombie

My buddy Jason was wanting to see a Phantom Lady adventure where she takes on monsters or some kind of supernatural evil, and this tale of legs vs. the undead is probably the best choice in my collection. My scans are from the Great Action Comics #8 (1958) reprint-- a sexy 'n wild Matt Baker illustrated story that was originally featured over 10 years prior in the December 1947 issue of Phantom Lady #15... annnnd the story goes, that when I.W. Publishing got the print plates, they were missing the original splash page #1 which had been printed on the inside front cover of Phantom Lady #15 (see jpeg at the very end of this post.) So someone clever decided, "why not make the cover of Great Action Comics #8 the new page 1 of the reprint!" Off hand, I can't think of many other comics that ever did this with a cover, and with Carl Burgos doing the new cover art, who's gonna complain? Hope everyone enjoyed this month of posts!

(original page 1 splash)


Mestiere said...

I wonder if people knew that Matt Baker was African-American. And he made a living drawing sexy white women in peril.

Isn't it awesome how people don't recognize Sandra even though she wears no mask as Phantom Lady?

The vision of destruction with the enemy attacking Washington and New York felt awfully familiar. The tallest building in New York is destroyed and people jumped to their deaths. How many times has fiction anticipated reality? Anybody here remember the movie The Medusa Touch? Richard Burton has psychokinetic powers and can cause disasters with his mind. At one moment he slams a passenger airplane against a skyscraper. That image stayed with me for years and I remembered it the day the towers fell. Only the reality was vastly more terrifying than the fiction.

Karswell said...

Medusa Touch is a favorite of mine, underrated, overlooked classic.

Brian Barnes said...

Well, Dr. Crime invented the mad scientist formula for exposition, that's going to get mis-used!

Aside from the comical (in 47) concept of super accurate, well hidden South African missiles, it always gets me about the "bullets don't stop a zombie!" Maybe a hand gun would be useless, but the cop is firing a tommy gun. If fire kills them, that gun would tear them to chunks.

I like this Phantom Lady story, usually she's next to useless and wins through sheer right place/right time luck. This time she crashes a car, hurls a burning piece of wreckage, and other heroic things. Bravo (finally) Phantom Lady!

Brother Bill said...

Can you help me find a comic I had as a kid--this would have been mid-to-late 70s. I want to say it was a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not", or some other anthology-style, allegedly true collection of paranormal stories. The part I remember is a guy is photographing a corpse (possibly in a morgue or hospital), and we see his view through the camera, and in a series of frames, the corpse opens his eyes and comes to life!


Karswell said...

Sounds like a cool story, Bill, unfortunately it's not ringing any bells with me at the moment. Anyone else know the story? If you can find out more info about it I'd be happy to track it down and post it for you.

Thanks for the comments, lots more horror and surprises on the way in August!

Grant said...

I agree about THE MEDUSA TOUCH being underrated. Of course, some people are "disposed" to hating a horror film if it has Richard Burton in it! (Ever since those "Golden Turkey" books turned him into such a bad actor / bad movie "icon," people have gotten really ridiculous about the idea.)

I know this is a pre-Code story, but it's kind of wild to read that line about the zombies being "turned loose, for their own pleasure," and then see that two of the three zombies in the picture are abducting attractive women!