Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HAUNTED HORROR #10 / Prey for the Vampire Horde

After a brief hiatus, THOIA returns with glorious news of the release of HAUNTED HORROR #10 in stores today, including a tale featured from the issue-- it's a Lou Cameron bloodsucker classic originally presented in the September 1953 issue of The Beyond #22 (and originally featured here at THOIA way back in Sept 2007 too!) We should be getting things back on track here blogwise, so stay tombed for lots more, and if you pick up HH10 today drop us a line and let us know what you think! Get another story preview from HH10 by clicking HERE (thanks CBR!)


Mestiere said...

Imagine looking out of your plane's window and seeing those human-headed bats. I've always found animals with human heads very freaky!

An unusually well researched, almost "sciency" story. Salzburg was in the American zone of allied-occupied Austria. Unlike Germany's, Austria's occupation ended in 1955, a couple of years after the publication of this story. There is mention of the bat's echolocation (although it's not true that they don't use their eyes), mention of high-fidelity recording equipment. And then they screw up with the vampire lore. It is the vampire's blood that turns you into a vampire, not his bite. At least on the TV shows that I've seen, like Angel.

The art was appropriately creepy and the story unusual enough that it didn't sound familiar. Thumbs up!

Trevor Markwart said...

I liked the idea of a vampire relying on "modern" electronics technology to succeed and prolong his existence. Can't think of any other examples off hand of that. Lots of good old-fashioned ridiculous pseudo-science and quantum leaps of logic in this one, too. Thanks for posting!

Mr. Cavin said...

Of all the excellent sound effects panels that have been mentioned over and over already--those splats!--I particularly like the great plane crash lettering on page two. Talk about a good title font. I wish I had the whole alphabet in that one.

Otherwise, I dig the third-to-last panel the most. I just love all the vamps embedded into that surreal, colorful, patchwork quiltscape. It makes me sleepy just looking at it!

Congrats on issue ten!

JMR777 said...

First off, I wish you lots of success and many sales from Haunted Horror #10.

Second off, this was a neat vampire tale. It was a different take on the Vampire legends/mythos and was well done.

On page two middle panel with the green and orange tinged vampire, it comes close to invoking the horror of Nosferatu. The bald head, the heavy eyebrows, the pointed ears, the fangs, the artist did a good job of drawing his own version of the classic vampire from that legendary German movie. The wrinkles on his face add to his age and menace.

Footnote, as Mestiere said, the writer and artist of this tale sure did their homework. Even the police plane is spelled Polizei, a detail most writers/artists might have overlooked. Maybe they spent time in Austria after the war?

Brian Barnes said...

Congrats on Haunted Horror #10, now I'm going to go read this story as it was meant to be, on paper, and then make snarky comments to my dog!

Grant said...

It's funny how the face of one of the two pilots looks ahead to General Ross of the Incredible Hulk comics.

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