Friday, April 25, 2014

Evil Spirit!

Most of you know Al Eadeh from his eerie style on the many great horror titles from 1950's Atlas comics. But here he is over at Prize working his unique trademark evil (I particularly love his feline faced females) for this weird woman classic from the April 1953 issue of Black Magic Vol. 3 #5 (23.) 


Cara H said...

Guess Shi-Ka got the last laugh after all when she framed John Winston.

Mestiere said...

This story seems to have been inspired by one of H.P. Lovecraft's lesser efforts, Medusa's Coil. In that story a woman who called herself Tanit-Isis also had living hair. There is also a cursed painting rather than a statue.

"Abel Kent could have bought the statuette! He was a wealthy man! Yet he stole it!" Well, I guess taking something from a dead body isn't cool, but I don't see how he could have bought it. The sailor was dead. And he was foreign. Was Abel supposed to find the sailor's family and buy the statuette from them? Anyway, it hardly seems like a capital offense.

I liked the art.

"The De Luxe TUMMY-FLATTENER comes complete with detachable garters and changeable crotch piece." Wow, that's rather... precise information for a comic book ad! Were horror comics that popular with housewives?

Brian Barnes said...

The title of this one is desperately nondescript. Any regular combination of 50s horror titles would do: Hair of [doom,death,horror,etc]. "Evil Spirit" describes about 40% of pre-code horror stories.

The coloring on the top panels of page 4 is a bold choice, showing the merging of the two worlds, and the art is, as always, stellar.

I wonder if Stan and Jack (obviously, Jack, as he was doing the covers) saw this and it came back to them when they created Medusa? Same living red hair.

Well, I'm off to buy a bulk of crotch inserts, you'll never know when they will come in handy.

Mr. Cavin said...

I thought the color was pretty neat too. There was definitely some unsung artistry going on in those choices. I find the moody use of the statuette's coloring for the figures bracketing the top row of page two particularly effective.

Eadeh's art is so strange and lively, way more emotional than a lot of what we see here, if not maybe a little bit outsider. I love how subordinated the images are to the mood. Cool stuff.

Karswell said...

More cool Black Magic coming up, I found a tale I've been looking for and hell, maybe we'll just finish out this month with a couple more from this series.

Keep the sacrificial fires burning and the comments coming, another tale on the way!

Grant said...

Stories about Medusa always interest me (she seems to show up in "genre" stories more than almost anyone else in mythology). Of course, this one isn't about her in the strict sense, but you can see the connection. So now I'm curious about "Medusa's Coil." Did Lovecraft write that using a pseudonym?

I also like the explanation of how the statue has remained unharmed, that the believers were AFRAID to harm it, and the disbelievers didn't see any REASON to do so. As Abel Kent says (while he's still a scoffer), someone thought of everything.

Mestiere said...

Hello, Grant! Medusa's Coil was one of a number of stories by Zealia Bishop published in the magazine Weird Tales. They were "revised" so extensively by H.P. Lovecraft that they ended up being practically his. You can read the story here.

Grant said...

Thank you.