Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Return of the Dead!

Time for the final remaining tale from the January 1953 issue of Beware! Terror Tales #5 (check the THOIA archives for "The Horror of the 13th Stroke", "The Lonely One!", and "The Ghoul of Eldritch Manor!") See what happens when kooky hoods tangle with a gypsy and the supernatural! Okay, another complete issue down, and just in time as I head out to San Diego Comic Con 2013 this weekend-- stay tuned for info about our panel on Saturday night, as well as the HAUNTED HORROR signing on Sunday at the IDW booth! Hope to see some of you again this year!


Brian Barnes said...

Now that's a horror story. Without blood or guts it's really disturbing, though the mummy's thoughts at the end were a little "uncalled" for.

It was certainly her greed that sealed her fate, to the point where Jan gave up everything to fix it, to no avail. Yet you know he still waits on the other side for her.

Of course, the cops just (1) automatically believed her and (2) put here in jail for "bringing somebody out of the spirit world." I'm sure they have a whole jail for of people who saw Santa Claus, too!

LC Douglass said...

Thanks for posting! I love these old horror comics.

Tim Whitcher said...

Never trust a woman named after a bar.

Daniel [] said...

Says “cantina” is of course American Spanish for pommel pouch, pommel bag, or saloon — just the sort of thing that you'd expect for the name of a, uhm… Gypsy? Wait… Wha—?