Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Demons of the Swamp

Here's another bat shit crazy classic from the September 1953 issue of Mysteries #3, seriously, this is one completely out of control Superior issue, and I've just decided I'll be posting the entire thing here this week (see "The Shrinking Horror" from our previous post HERE, as well as the OMG deranged "The Avenging Corpse" HERE, --that one I posted way back in 2008!) I'll have the fourth and finale story in our next post! [THOIA Archive Keyword: SWAMP for more bayou babes in weird 'n wet, terrifying troubles!]


Anonymous said...

Never seen a rat with legs that long. I wonder what the artist was using as a model?

Mestiere said...

We knew the story would be freaky when we saw that rat.

"I think she would have killed me with her bare hands, but a transformation suddenly settled over her like an evil cloak... a change no words can describe." She got old. Took three words to describe it.

Part of the appeal is not knowing what is going on, like starting a movie in the middle. Why was that 200-year-old woman living in a castle built on a swamp? Why were those creatures against her? Were they human beings transformed by the witch? We never found out. If her locket kept them away, how did they manage to chain her to the wall? How come the locket kept her young while she wasn't wearing it (she actually told Johnson to take it) but stopped working if it fell in the water? So many questions. But that's okay. Sometimes logic is overrated.

Brian Barnes said...

As is par for the course, jodhpurs makes you incredibly stupid!

Deep in swamp, find mysterious castle. Go in!
See a cat rat, keep exploring!
Hear screams: Head straight for them!

I'll be the first to say this, but why can't our lunk-headed hero work out a deal? I'll keep the locket, I'll fight off the monsters for you, and you just have to stay in your young Betty Page mode. Simple! Win-win for everybody but the crazy swamp men.

I like how utterly fast our hero turns on the woman, just because she says she's 200 years old. I think you just punched your way through a castle of rat-cats and swamp-men, time to let go of the hysteria over age!

Tim Whitcher said...

"Explain that nightmare setup!"

Pray tell! Explain!

That rat was so freaky looking I thought it must play a part in the plot (what plot?) but to no avail.

Turok1952 said...

I love that long-legged cat-rat.

Sometimes a good story should just be enjoyed at face value. This is one such tale.

I hope Mr. Cat-rat escaped the castle collapse.

Daniel [] said...

The “cat-rat” reminded me of a capybara; and, as a kid, I once saw a rag-bag carnival exhibit which (mis)represented a pair of capybaras as giant rats.

Gloom Raider said...

My favorite was "It's not even human!" Because the things they faced in the dungeon were probably, you know, stockbrokers.

Tim Whitcher said...

But stockbrokers aren't human, just like lawyers and used car salesmen.

Mr. Cavin said...

That guy was a total jerk and his hat was ridiculous. And that looks way more like a pig-monkey to me. Loved the art and coloring in this one. I'd love to see what it might have looked like after a decent print job.

Anonymous said...

The splash panel is very similar to the infamous "Fiends From The Crypt."

Karswell said...

Thanks for the comments as usual! This entire issue is now here on THOIA per the latest post-- you completists might want to check the archives for "The Avenging Corpse", "Shrinking Horror", and "Death in the Night" too! Keep coming back, I'll keep posting the good stuff :)