Friday, February 18, 2011

The Halls of Horror

From the April 1951 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #18, comes this weirdly exciting kooky spooker, and crisply illustrated by Emil Gershwin, a guy whose style seems a bit ahead of its time (there really are quite a few excellent panels in this one!) I totally need to do a spotlight on him one of these days.


Mike H said...

ACG had a slew of talented artists with an appealing crisp, clean style. Very nice indeed!

(My only beef with the company was that their stories were too verbose... they needed someone to edit out a few tons of unneeded words!)

Drew said...

This story is typical of ACG's early (1948-1951) "stories of the supernatural," which the publisher never advertised as "horror." Most of them had a romantic subplot and ended with the nice young couple triumphing over the resident evil.

ACG's material became notably less romantic and more gruesome as the early 1950s progressed, apparently trying to stay competitive with its blatant "horror" rival publications.

Gumba said...

It's hard to believe this isn't an early Ditko work -- the similarities in the art are pretty uncanny.

That said, you'd know if it was late 70s Ditko if our hero represented a completely B&W stilted world view of individuality vs humanity* :)

* 'tis a joke, not trying to start anything off-topic :)

Mr. Karswell said...

I can see Ditko, but even more I see silver age era Jerry Grandenetti, and possibly even a bit of Mr. Super Slick himself, Mitch O'Connell... I believe I made these comparisons once before when posting an Emil Gershwin story.

Okay, thanks for the comments.

Frank Forte said...

nice line work, blacks and colors.