Friday, February 25, 2011

The Buried Brain

In case you missed the memo, we're in the middle of a "Brain Fest" here at THOIA... and here's a cool 'n creepy entry from ACG fan fave Ogden Whitney, from the Jan. '52 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #27 (actually this tale is totally brainless, but still fun.)


Mr. Cavin said...

"Strange... the bathroom door's locked from the inside and your teenager doesn't answer. We'll soon know what he's up to, Patsy! Help me break down this door..."


"You saw something when you rushed into that bathroom, Fred. What was it that little Johnny was trying to conceal?"

Man the art here was sort of done tragically wrong by the cheap printing. Usually I am immune to these kind of concerns (I tend to like the aesthetic of the document itself--ravages of time and terrible technology included--as much as I like the actual art), but this time I really wonder how much cleaner and more lovely this would have been off a modern press. All that said, that second to last panel on page five is my favorite single image I've seen on this blog in months, bleedy blacks or not.

Anonymous said...

pretty cool story and thats a really kick ass cover on this issue too,thanks karswell!!!

Gumba said...

If I ever time travel back to the 50s, I now know how to get any woman to marry me: spend a night with her in which we are stalked by monsters and her father is killed.

Nothing gets the ladies more in the mood to say "yes" then that!

Honestly, could he have waited a bit? The smell of burning brain was still in the air!

Here's something I wonder -- when did "zombies" move from "ghosts" to "walking dead"? They certainly had walking corpses in the EC stories, but in a lot of these zombies are pretty much just ghosts.

Mr. Karswell said...

>second to last panel on page five is my favorite single image I've seen on this blog in months, bleedy blacks or not.

That is a goddamn good panel, and yes, an equal damn shame about the printing on this issue. Usually ACG was pretty good about this!

>kick ass cover on this issue too

I love it too!

>when did "zombies" move from "ghosts" to "walking dead"?

Someone should write a thesis paper on this and then hold a course about it at the local community college, for I am stumped too.

One more brain tale to go... stick around fools!