Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Corpse Came to Dinner

Oh god, not another insane Iger Shop tale from the Aug-Sept. 1954 issue of Strange Fantasy #13?!! Yep. This scuzzy supernatural three-way is actually a leftover from our sordid Valentine's Day Massacre Fest from last month, I totally had it on the schedule and then forgot all about it. Share it now with the one/s you love (to death.)

Hey, how about a second helping of corpse for dinner? Check the THOIA Archive for the Reed Crandell classic--- "The Corpse That Came to Dinner!"

***NEWS FLASH!!***
It's FINALLY coming! You've read his comments here at THOIA for years, now get ready to read Mike Howlett's "The Weird World of Eerie Publications," coming in Fall 2010 from Feral House! A labor of undying love, and over 4 grueling years in the monstrous making, this blood soaked tome is the definitive look at this much maligned publisher of the lowest of the low brow horror comics!
(Stay tuned for pre-order information!)


Mike H said...

I had a friend whose greatest fear was to be trapped in a room with all of his ex-girlfriends! This, I reckon, would have been worse for him. He passed away last year... I only hope that this isn't his afterlife!!! RIP Eric!

Thank so much for the plug!! I really appreciate it!!

Mykal said...

Karswell: Oh, God!! I am so in. What a great Cover!!! Absolutley perfect. My eyeballs have just popped out and slid down my face in anticipation! -- Mykal

Mykal said...

Karswell: My excitment about the new Eerie Publishing book so overcame me I forgot the story! "A kiss for me, too, sweetheart? A kiss for Cathy!" Hell, yes.

"We're all going to be friends from now on!" says Harry. Oh, hell yes.

The thought of three ghosts really enjoying their afterlife is, frankly, hotter than hell.

I love how Cathy serves coffee in that last panel.

Frank Forte said...

looks cool man. I be getting one!!

Anonymous said...



Mr. Karswell said...

If you're on facebook, make sure to join Mike's Weird World of Eerie Pub group too, right here:!/pages/The-Weird-World-of-Eerie-Publications/188004885719?ref=ts

jpmorgan said...

Wow, a happy ending! "And they all live happily ever after..."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the Reed Crandell link, I was actually just thinking about this story the other day but for the life of me could not remember the name of it........ a top of the line post!

Mr. Karswell said...

>Thanks for adding the Reed Crandell link

You are quite welcome, that is a good one, eh? And just a reminder to everyone that there's TONS of good stuff in the THOIA Archive, so have a look around. Use the Blog Archive links by month or year on the right hand sidebar, or use the search engine at the top of the page by artist, publisher, story title, or keyword. It's quick, it's easy! You've got three and half years worth of horror at your clawtips!

UP NEXT! Sharp 'n salty zombies?!! PLUS-- The world's lousiest lab assistant!

Anonymous said...

Interesting ending for sure. I wonder which third wheel gets to sleep on the couch. Imagine how upset the ghost wife might have been if the couple had shared one bed instead of sleeping in separate beds in the bedroom. This is one story no one really got their comeuppance.

Also was this story made to promote bigamy? I wonder. Hmmm.

Diandra said...

aha that "three's a shroud" pun really set the tone

Mister E said...

Al V. - Hey Mike H. I used to trade Naschy and Santo movies with you years ago. I love Eerie Pubs can't wait to se the book.