Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Soul of Benjamin Sprague

Happy Xmas Eve(L) everyone! To those of you still at work and pulling a half day, or those of you already at home and wrapping presents (or murdering Gingerbread men with your teeth), here’s my present to you, from the Winter/Spring 1952 issue of Weird Thrillers #3. This Trading Places-esque tale by Bob Powell was actually already featured over at The Fortress last week (the indentical St. John Nightmare #13 reprint version from ‘53), but since I already had the original Weird Thrillers version scanned I’m gonna go ahead and post it here anyway for those that missed it.

I sincerely hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday… and remember, he sees you when you're sleeping...

TOMORROW: More ghosts! More Bob Powell too (I think...)


Vintage Xmas AD


Vault of Xmas Card

THOIA reader Squa Tront (aka Paul Beatless of Eastleigh England) sends a phantasmically chilling, personalized holiday greeting to each and every Pre-Coder out there. But dare I say Old Boy; I think we’ve always known what you look like under the Santa mask--- AIEEEEE!!

Thanks again Squa, and another screaming round of good cheer to everyone! AIEEEE!!


Anonymous said...

Touching story, but he didn't stay reformed for very long: Anyway,Merry whateverdeitythatsuitsyou-mas.

blackwalnut2001 said...

Call me an old softie but this was an effective, charming twist on an old idea. Perfect for the season and perfect to share with a kid you know. And much shorter than that Dickens thing.



That said, I feel a bit... soiled.

It was... it was... hogwash! That's what it was! Just a barrel of sentimental slop! Aaaahhhh, DAMN IT! I HATE it when I get like this!

Wait! That Vault of Xmas cover helps. Let me just stare at it for a little while...

All right. I feel better now.

Say, Kars, you got that Haunted Mansion book for Xmas?

All I got was a thrashing. (It was a really GOOD thrashing, but still.)

Unknown said...

I'm sure you don't hear this very often here, but that was a NICE story!

Anonymous said...

Why 1925?

Enrico Teodorani said...

Merry Christmas!

Kitty LeClaw said...

"I think we’ve always known what you look like under the Santa mask"

Where I come from, when old men in fur suits try to ply children with gifts, it's never a good thing.

Just one more sleep til the toy predator cometh!!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

nothing like a ten-year dream of abject poverty and spiritual awakening...WAKE UP!

thanx for the ad, i need all the cheap kitschy Christmas stuff i can get!...

Mr. Karswell said...

Okay, it's holiday time... I ain't gonna be around much today and even if the creatures aren't stirring as much (not even a mouse) I command you to enjoy yourself. And a holiday warning: DO NOT eat St Nick's cookies--- he totally hates that! Better leave out some extras just in case.

And heads up: don't miss the Haunted Mansion story scans below too! Share them with a loved one, or with that severed head in your freezer (HP, I'm talking to you!)

Merry XXXmas Eve, to one and all!

Anonymous said...

Well everyone else is saying it guess I will too, very nice story!

Merry christmas Karswell!!

"KING" said...

Greetings from Spain,I love Halloween and terror of it all ;) ur blog its "bueno"(cool) follow u,thnks for the comment

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Karswell!