Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Curse of Khar

Finishing off our weekend theme of “Damned Duos”, and who better to seal this Doomed Tomb For Two than comic book hero Joe Kubert with a truly cursed, disgusting, dangling eyeball classic from the Nov ‘52 issue of *Strange Terrors #4. (*All apologies for the heavily water damaged scans.)



William Ekgren Covers

The cover of the Nov ‘52 issue of Strange Terrors #4 was illustrated by William Ekgren. His fascinatingly strange “maze-like” sketch style seems more at home with a doodle covered school notebook than something a major publisher like St. John would have unleashed during this period, but this does not make the art any less interesting.

Below are a few other examples of the bizarre “psychedelic” pre-code cover designs that Ekgren created for Weird Horrors #6 and #7 (also published by St. John. ) Apparently these are the only pieces of work he ever produced for comics in this unusual style.
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blackwalnut2001 said...

Thanks for the damned duos and doomed dimwits this weekend, Kars. And those maze-type covers hit the spot. Terrific artwork today; the central panel on p. 4 is a creeper. And one has to appreciate the attention to our turbaned friend's eyeball, which has obviously been hacked out of its socket.

Very much liked the ironies in yesterday's tale as well. Great costumes, too. The total lack of subtlety in the punch line added to the fun; after crooks with red hair and green ties and yellow checked suits, subtlety would have seemed out of place.

Thanks again for all your work.

Anonymous said...

Fairly standard story, but Kubert's art saves it. And' ja coin't fullt the aw-thentikniss of the aksin'ts ere' guvnor, cre-oits atmosphere it does.

AndyDecker said...

With this kind of fashion sense and that face they never had a chance :-)

And when will people learn that you never ever kill the medium. Bad luck.

Anonymous said...



sfdoomed said...

Kubert's art is always a pleasure to see, even if the ending on this one is sorta weak. I used to be obsessed with Kubert's war comics when I was a kid.

I really enjoyed the damned dous weekend, especially the great story from yesterday ("Well of Fear!"). Thanks Karswell.

Oh, and the Ekgren covers were awesome. Makes me want to revisit my er...more experimental days.

Mr. Karswell said...

Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the Damned Duos Weekend... one of these days I should just extend it to a full week cuz Stupidest Killers Weekend was a big hit too--- you'd think I would've learned my lesson! Anyone else have a fun theme in mind? Lay it on me!

Another theme starts tomorrow, how does a couple days of severed head tales sound? Also this week at some point we'll be looking at another full issue of Journey into Fear, featuring tons of decaptitations, axe weilding grannies, perverted sex acts with a wax figure, weird worms etc... And for those who just have to know, next Saturday is the start of our Holiday Countdown theme--- Ghost Stories for Christmas!

See ya in the mourn...

PS: And speaking of xmas, THOIA tee shirts are still available in all shapes 'n sizes, $20 each... they make great gifts, so order now if you want it delivered by xmas! As a holiday bonus, you can now get TWO SHIRTS for $30.00 (this offer good until the first of the year.)

PSS: I also apologise for hyping an upcoming contest for December... looks like it probably won't happen until next month, or even February now. If anything changes though you will all be the first to know (of course.)

Anonymous said...

whys everyone think the ending is weak??? loved it and the ekgren covers are kickass!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

Kubert is a master- he was the only reason i ever read war comics.

Dane said...

I always love a story set in Jolly Olde England. Even if there is a dangling eyeball in it.

Unknown said...

They surely did get their come-uppance. Go, Khar, go!