Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Raven Sisters

Today we lead off with another wild ACG tale, where (damn it!) typical blonde headed goodness once again triumphs over sexy, raven haired witchery. I can’t wait for the day when I finally get to see things resolved the other way around... f’realz.

From the June-July 1952 issue of Out of the Night #3

*Excerpt from COME BACK by the MISFITS


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this one,I could see Veronica Lake in the lead easily,Gloria Holden & Jean Brooks as the 2 sisters,and Ralph Bellamy as the hero.

Anonymous said...

The best part of the story is the third-to-last panel, with the do wondering "Um, now what?"

AndyDecker said...

Yeah, never talk before the servants. You can´t trust them :-)

Or bury a vampire only a foot deep in the ground.

The flashback was more fun than the rest of the story; still, some amusing bits. Never underestimate the power of a cemetary to impress a girl. Even some nice leg-shots and 50s innuendo. "You've aroused my curiosity". Aren't there missing some ... in the middle? *g

Anonymous said...

This one was priceless - favorite line "Your lips are thanks enough for me!"

Also liked that he spilled the ancient secret at dinner, with a well no one is supposed to know this but...

And the random dog showing up out of nowhere to howl at the moon and then track the witches.

Tim Tylor said...

Interesting that the flashback had the men in full old-time outfit and the women in just-about modern togs. (At least, I'm assuming bare-shouldered dresses weren't high fashion in that staid era.)

Anonymous said...

And here I was expecting Joan to pull out the stakes, just to prove she wasn't afraid of silly old superstitions! (Though they really should have buried the Ravens a little deeper.)

Wings1295 said...

The main action was a bit quick, but all in all a good tale.

Kitty LeClaw said...

I can’t wait for the day when I finally get to see things resolved the other way around

Raven-haired witchery... with blonde roots!! Nobody will ever see it coming.

Black No. 1: casting a shadow over goodness since 1666... now, with even MORE dogs' blood!

Anonymous said...

Doe the ACG stories always have happy endings?

Anonymous said...

Loving the double theme this week Karswell! I have this ACG issue too and this story has always been one of my favorites. And no not all ACG stories have happy endings.

Zen Wizard said...

So--the family passed the art of stick throwing down five generations?

That was pretty lucky.

What happened to Otto? I hope he's not expecting an Xmas bonus.

Though a good perpetual care cemetery would be very interested in him, if he can preserve three sticks in the ground for three hundred years. So there is a bright future for him at Crestlawn Cemetery if he is interested.

Anonymous said...

'Hello there, random dog that came out of nowhere! Help me find those blasted witches!'
'I was taught the secret art of stick throwing! Now die, you fiends!'

Gotta love these deus ex machina endings.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Wow, this is a good one! Lots of wackiness and sexiness to go around, with some very cool art! List item/data points:

* Blonde bondage, sexy evil twins, and an EXTREMELY phallic candle on the left. Now THAT'S a splash.

* Love the stocking shot on pg 2 -- somebody's got a fetish

* As previously stated, if they *really* didn't want anyone to touch those stakes, why didn't they just FREAKIN' BURY THEM?

* Last panel on pg 2 is a TOTAL double-IYKWIM moment.

* Girls burning dolls at the stake FTW

* MORE bondage bottom p 3, top p 4--last one's especially nice! *rowr* And yet MORE bondage on p 7! It's like I've died and gone to Bettie Page!

* My fave line: "Escape if you can, fiends!" THWOK!

Excellent Halloween-y tale, K! But I fear I must point out to the previous commenters that the "random dog out of nowhere" IS in fact in the car with them when they drive up. Though giving the dog a name might have helped clear up the ownership issue.

Love it Karswell! More bonda--er, haunted house tales! :D

Marc Burkhardt said...

"I'm going to put 'Escape If You Can, Fiends' on my business card."

Prof. Grewbeard said...

not much left to say about this tale, except that the blonde "heroine" reminds me of Candace Hilligoss.

Anonymous said...

Fortress Keeper wrote:

> on my business card.

Hahaha! I wish that I had thought of that!

Pappy said...

The stocking shot with red shoes reminds me of something I read in Seduction of the Innocent, about a guy who collected pictures of girls in red shoes from the comics...like there's something wrong with that.

Thanks for adding to my collection, Kars!

Arben said...

I too question why the stakes weren't completely buried, although I could No-Prize that away more easily than I could explain why the guy bothers to get fully dressed including a tie before racing out to save his beloved. Points for being able to throw the stakes from both hands simultaneously with enough force and proper aim to pierce the sisters' chests, however. Good to know that if a great-great-grandfather had an expert skill at something I happened to practice as a kid I would now be a total boss at it.