Thursday, October 9, 2008

Death from the Depths

Welcome to our 4th and final tale from the March 1954 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #53. It’s a fun, action packed tale of terror, chocked full of idiotic researchers doing idiotic things, all in the name of sheer idiocy.

Hope you enjoyed this full issue presentation… if you want to see more "TrueVisision 3D" classics from ACG in the future just drop me a line and let me know.

TOMORROW: He Who Robs the Dead

Tales of the Callamo Mountains

Larry Blamire, writer-director behind the cult favorite THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA gets serious with this creepy collection of western horror stories. Atmospheric, suspenseful, grotesque and occasionally amusing, these thirteen trips to the unknown Old West range from pulp mystery-thriller to ghost story to sci-fi horror, all set around a mysterious mountain range where folks just seem to have trouble settling.

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UNCLE FREDDY by Tobin Fields
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silvano said...

Now I'm definitely a fan of Lazarus ; this installementof "truevision" is even better than the previous ones story-wise ; obviously inspired by Lovecraft ( one of my favourite writers ), but save for the clichèd silly dialogue ( "what awful thing have we created?"),which in any case is one of the things I really enjoy when reading a golden age comic , a good story ...
Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

I was seriously getting a Lovecraft vibe(oh that sounds so stange to type)from the second page;"island rising out of the sea with weird architecture"so the actual threat was sort of underwhelming(do like the scene of the demon rising out of his mouth,though.)for me.That said,great artwork.Love the Wertham thing too,even though it's kind of the big trend with comics fans these days to defend him;).

Unknown said...

I'm biased because I'd read this issue before, but I think it's great you introduced everyone to the wild ride that was Truevision. I'm not too eager for more, but only because I think Adventures into the Unknown! jumped the shark on storytelling around that time: nothing against Truevision itself.

That said, I've loved the conversation here this week! Maybe we need a mummaid to go with the wolpire.

Tim Tylor said...

"The light gave it life as well as flesh!" And a dinky little loincloth also! The power of the Ancients is indeed terrible.

AndyDecker said...

Pfehw! And the world is saved!

Some nice twists for a rather simple story. I liked it.

More Lazarus, please. Great artist.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

While the two characters here seem to be in an almost constant state of terror (if those frequently gaping mouths are any indication) their dialog reflects a far more sedate attitude. (Page Five, Panel Four "Hurry! We're being -- pursued--")

The Vicar of VHS said...

Those Creatures of the Devil in their color-fast™ loincloths! Truly in my heart they strike terror.

This is a pretty cool tale, and not all that much to complain about--the art is fantastic, my fave panel being the horror faces at the bottom of page 6; although the aforementioned "Regurgitated Ghost" is a great one too, and in that same panel I notice the Devil Beast also has back-flaps like a flying squirrel. Why didn't they just glide to the mainland?

Taking place in the Galapagos Islands as it does, I'm wondering if the tale has some Darwinian subtext. The creatures on the island look a LOT like their native guide Chito, for instance. I don't think it's pervasive, but it might be something.

And I always get a smile when I see an explosion in these tales with the sound-effect "BARROOM!" I always imagine the artist was thinking about where he was going to go as soon as this page was done!

Fun stuff!

Dane said...

if you want to see more "TrueVisision 3D" classics from ACG in the future just drop me a line and let me know.

I want to see more Truevision, Chief. I like the style difference a lot.

Anonymous said...

Boy, the guys sure have an upbeat attitude! Let's just put a whole dang skeleton up thar and give it a shot! (It's the Creeping Flesh!)

Mr. Karswell said...

>It's the Creeping Flesh!

Fishmorgjp is right, this is totally The Creeping Flesh.

Glad everyone dug on the 3D TrueVision... maybe next month we'll check out another story of this nature, and I promise I won't slam you over the head with another full issue.

TOMORROW: Lou Cameron gets boney!