Monday, March 17, 2008

Return of the Corpse

Was anyone expecting a murderous leprechaun story today? Gor blimey! I actually have a much better plan. Severed hands seg right into severed arms, and then come the severed heads, moldy bones, etc… yes, I have a huge pile of body parts to throw at you all this week so get ready because it’s going to get messy!

From the November 1952 issue of Strange Mysteries #8


Unknown said...

Surprised it took the Senate so long.

Anonymous said...

"Hello! This is the HEAD! Be seeing you soon!"

Anonymous said...

Wait===now, who was operating the brakes?

Mr. Karswell said...

>who was operating the brakes?

He could have also gotten into alot of trouble for not wearing a seatbelt.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Holy crap.

Here's how I would have acted if I'd been in this story:

Head: "Hello, this is THE HEAD!"

Me: "Hello, Head! How the HELL did you dial the phone?"


The Doctor: "The Head must have stolen its own body!"

Me: "Not to sound harsh, but...WHAT?!"


Doctor: "That disease you got in the tropics has always fascinated me!"

Me: "Dammit! She said she was CLEAN!"


And if they had the whole body, why were just the hands present? I mean, we SAW the feet, so we know there's at least a leg in there somewhere...And why does he have to TALK to his hands to get them to work? And were he and the doctor the ONLY TWO PEOPLE who knew about this trap? And...and...and... *head explodes*

Still, an entertaining, wild story! The art is cool, though the features of each character seem to change with the artist's whim, but somehow it works. Love the Doctor's broken cigarette and leering look.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,not so much entertaining as it is "What-the Fu*k is Happening?" and i agree about the faces changing,on the last panel of the 3rd to last page the doc has become Peter Cushing!.

Dane said...

Wow. That was seriously twisted and gruesome, more so than anything else I've read here. More, please!

"the hands work deftly and so slowly..." *shudder*

Happy St. Pat's!

Mr. Karswell said...

>the features of each character seem to change

Who wants to bet that this was not intentional? "No no," he said to his editor, "The faces are supposed to alter from uh, panel to panel, ummm... it adds to the, er... nightmare quality of the story."

Happy St. Pat's to everyone too.

Mr. Cavin said...

I've altered the following to make it into a more realistic horror comic artist-slash-editor conversation:

"N-No," he said to his editor, "The faces are supposed to alter from (choke), panel to panel, AIIIIII..."

And did you notice that the twist ending to this one was that it took (surprise!) three pages to deliver? Whose hands work slowly?