Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Dead Remember!

Aside from his work in All American and Startling Comics, does anyone know anything else about artist Jon Blummer? I love his uniquely rich and detailed line style as seen in today’s nazi horror post... I may do a tribute to him later next month but would like more details first. Anybody?

From the Jan 1954 issue of Forbidden Worlds #25


Pappy said...

A really fine story that reminds us of "Master Race" from Impact #1. Jon Blummer's art looked to me like H.G. Peter's; old-fashioned, like he'd been around in another era, perhaps the 1920s. According to some sources he died in 1955.

Anonymous said...

Love those Nazi-exploitation stories.

On another topic, BEFORE YOU MIGHT TRADE "MYSTERIES WEIRD AND STRANGE #3: could you please post "Shrinking Horror"? I requested that you post "The Little People" a few months ago, but you mentioned that you traded that issue. I was a big fan of Land of the Giants and like shrinking stories. I've contributed to this blog in one way or another during the past few months---a very loyal fan here. So could you please post his story? Thanks.

The Vicar of VHS said...

I love these "Nazi Comeuppance" stories, not only for the art but also for the peek they give you into the post-war psychology of the country, when the wounds were still fresh and the horrors still on everyone's mind. This one even uses the post-war promise "Never Forget!" in a macabre way, but it reveals the very real fear that the Nazis might rise up again if people (or ghosts!) aren't vigilant.

Great post.

Mr. Karswell said...

>reveals the very real fear that the Nazis might rise up again

Good points Vicar! I never thought about a readers reaction to these stories a scant 10 years after WW2 when they were originally published. Reading them now 50+ years later it's probably not quite the same.

>According to some sources he died in 1955.

Thanks Pappy! Digging around in my long boxes I have quite a few Blummer stories so everyone can look forward to a multi-post tribute sometime next month.

And to the anonymous commenter with the little people fetish, come back tomorrow for a surprise.

Anonymous said...

great post! would love to see more nazi horror, or even war themed horrors

Anonymous said...

Despite it's structure,this is still a very powerful story,not quite "Master Race" but still effective,very reminiscent of a certain Ellison-penned TWILIGHT ZONE episode for the spirit of nazism rising again,well it may not be nazi,but its filled with venom,bigotry and hate nonetheless: ...and just for yuks... ...whats scary is that i can't tell if either are satire or not.don't mean to pollute the blog.