Saturday, September 1, 2007

Alone in the Dark!

Wow, fifty posts total in August! Looking back I guess that was a pretty good second month for our blog considering the first month only had 22 posts. Grinding on now into September (month 3), and sticking with the “toddlers in terror ©” theme where we left off yesterday, comes the Spring 1952 issue of Suspense #16 with an eerie tale courtesy of Sicko Stan Lee and Freaky Fred Kida.

[WARNING! Under 17 Not Admitted Without Parent or Legal Guardian.]


Anonymous said...

Nice story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HOO-HOO!!!thanks for the post!,this is one of my favorite comic book stories,in my friends TOWER OF SHADOWS fan-film we adapted it,and i was pissed when Paul Curtis posted the story,but with such small page resolution so that it was unreadable,great to see it again,i even mentioned Claude in a past post,but anyway,thanks for answering my request for a kid/monster story,always add such suspense and shock.

Mr. Karswell said...

I have more "toddlers in terror" lined up for the next few posts too! So you mention a "fan-film of Tower of Shadows" and your own "past post", care to share with us some of your own links or personal info? Main reason I ask, I have a handful of people posting comments here and practically everyone is "anonymous."

Mr. Karswell said...

Also, who's Paul Curtis?

Anonymous said...

I mentioned Claude in a "guys walk into a bar" joke about evil uncles on your post of "THE COZY COFFIN",not on mine, for PaulCurtis,he's a livejournal user who used to have a site called "Atlas adventures and timely tales",where he posted this and others in unreadable quality,he also posted a few on Scans-daily but has been gone since last summer,he's the one who told me about Al Eadah,sorry i don't have my own blog,i guess my mention of the TOS fan-film piqued your interest,i'll try and put it on youtube when my stupid friend jerry finishes it all,he's stalking comic-cons to get actors to cameo in it,for personal reasons i'll remain anonymous in case he does somenthing stupid or the movie sucks.

Mr. Karswell said...

Ha ha... no problem

Eyeball said...

that story beats all.
"dysfunctional" doesnt even begin to sum that family up.

Unknown said...

Left here right in the dark,
Slouched in the corner,
Trying to make a new start.
Not getting any warmer,
You got a cold heart.
Icicles form, the points are so sharp.

The next one's gonna be the best one,
Get my attention, a pearl from the ocean.

Lights out, everybody hide,
Just pretend that nobody died.
Close your eyes and let everything slide,
Plug your ears, you won't hear us collide.

There's a live wire burnin' near my front tire,
Screamin' like a mad choir,
You're a little misfire.

Better late than never, eh?

Anonymous said...

back in the mid seventies I was a young 9 year old kid and picked up my first comic book dead of night number 8 and this was the first comic book story I ever read.I was hooked From that point up until the mid 80's I read comics constantly until partying and drugs took me down the wrong road, then ten years ago I gave up drugs and booze all except weed which I will never give up and am now back on comic books and love them like I used to only read the old ones however. great story