Saturday, May 18, 2024

Nightmare Carnival

The nightmare circus has barely pulled out of town and here comes the Nightmare Carnival, via the Sept. '54 issue of The Beyond #28. Some really stunning art here by Ken Rice, in particular the mind-blowing splash, and some of you might remember this one from Haunted Horror #30 too!


Bill the Butcher said...

Drawing a Ferris Wheel is really, really tough, as I know from personal experience. The splash is terrific, though it is a bit of a giveaway.

Gaxton Lebrun must have been a multimillionaire if he could still afford to bribe his way to LeBrun's house and plan to build his carnival back over it after losing everything. The carnival business must be a lot more lucrative than I assumed!

JMR777 said...

Life Lesson Number One- When a practitioner of magic raises the dead from their graves in order to make you leave their property and never return, Leave and never return!

Life Lesson Number Two- When the dead rise from their graves and make you leave their master's property and warn you never to return, Leave and never return!

Knowing when to cut your losses and get while the getting is good is the major difference between success and failure, and the Leburn brothers fell into the latter category.

Brian Barnes said...

Du Mort piloting the tractor with Lebrun on it is a great piece of artwork. It's horrible but comical at the same time. Seeing an ancient evil that uses zombies to kill and becomes a zombie himself pushing out punishment with a bulldozer is great!

Seconded about the splash, those kind of 3D wheels are hard to get right in space.

EC was text heavy, and some of the publishers followed that, and some took it to extremes, like here. There is way too much text, and then super cramped layouts. The art is awesome; every grave rising (especially the first) is comic art of the highest quality, but it has to fight for space with giant balloons of white. Page 6 even has 4 rows!

Grant said...

"AAAAREEEE!" sounds like an accidental joke, since it sounds like a mash-up of two famous horror comic exclamations.

Speaking of jokes, "What could possibly happen in the Tunnel of Love?" sounds like a little straight line.

Mr. Cavin said...

Man but this comic gave great walking dead. I mean, perhaps they are all a little more headed than your usual guillotine victim, but then they just look so terribly great. The colorful duo who kill Pierre off on page four really stand out. Orange carnival zombie is such a great Halloween costume idea.