Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Deadly Pickup

Wait, another vampire story this month?! Surrre, why not... I mean, the great splash gives it away but it's still a fun Iger Shop classic from the July - August 1954 issue of Voodoo #16. And though you absolutely see the ending coming from a mile away, I totally love how the final page backstory is revealed from the vamp to the unsuspecting hero. I like it so much in fact, it can also be found in Haunted Horror #6 too!


Brian Barnes said...

I guess if you can live forever, you might want to monologue, but just jump the guy and be done with it!

The vampire's face is really interesting. It's not what naturally goes for "beautiful" in these 50 comics; it's elongated with a larger nose. She's still beautiful but one wonders if this wasn't the artist doing some pin up or movie star he saw. It's unique enough to think it was picked up from somewhere than just your standard face (like the nurse.)

"I'll take that!" is a great panel.

Obviously ending aside, this is a really good effort for what is basically a talking head story. It moves right along.

Grant said...

I liked this one, though after "Curtis and Merry" and so many other heroic couples in these comics, I really expected the two of them to survive.

Bill the Butcher said...

So what happened to the escaped lunatic?

Mr. Cavin said...

I really dig that ruddy driving panel on page two. It looks like some kind of mid-century collage with its oddball frame-within-a-frame composition, the image floating in a sea of polka-dots at the bottom and crosshatches at the top. The pool of vampire blood on the panel just above looks like it was an aftermarket addition, though.

I'm also really into the second-to-last panel of page three. That's stone cold band flyer material right there, word balloon and all.

Say, escaped loonies, vampire hunters, young doctors in love--this is a pretty Gothic town!