Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Ghost of Bob James

A good friend of mine was paying me a really nice compliment last week about my GHOSTS book (still available HERE if you don't already own it), and while talking about it, I was reminded of a Dave Berg scream dream story that I had wanted to use in the book, but unfortunately, just didn't make the final edit in time. Yes, THAT Dave Berg. And dagnabbit, I totally thought I had it here in the THOIA Archive as well, but turns out it's yet another oddball spooky crime creeper that just sort of slipped through the cracks of the crumbling old crypt, --so now here it is! And speaking of spooks, you can read another great Dave Berg spook-o-rama from a few years back over at AEET right HERE after today's Bulletman filler freak-out, because yep, you read that right-- this was originally featured in the Nov. '42 issue of Bulletman #9.


Brian Barnes said...

I would have never guessed Dave Berg!

What I could have guessed was this was a 40s comic. Abrupt endings with a bunch of text explaining something we could show are hallmarks of 40s super hero comics.

That said, there's lot of great stuff that's way ahead of it's time. The gravekeeper telling the story, the crazy nightmare (who disappears completely out of the story!) and the pretty gruesome knife in the back.

Poor Marion, locked up in her nicest dress! Thank Nightmare they had a secret whistle!

I love the panel of the ghost kicking the goon. That's awesome.

Mr. Cavin said...

Pretty sweet color hold effect for the dream sequence; and I have to say it's also a pretty sly way to get paid for six pages when you've really only had to draw (a little more than) five. This woulda probably been a bit better if Berg had redrawn those panels to be easier to parse in monotone, but that's just a quibble. I definitely appreciate the experiment.

I always forget how interesting Dave Berg could be.