Wednesday, March 27, 2024

One for the Money... Two for the Show!

It's been a very long time since we ventured into the excellent era of 80's Eclipse terror-tory stories, so here's a fun little two-parter featuring the same story set-up in each, but with two brutally different, outrageous outcomes! Written by Bruce Jones (of course), and featuring some really great cartooning by Bill Wray, this short but sweet "Choose Your Favorite Climax" combo is still packed with plenty of meat, and is a real horror hoot for you giggling gore fans! From the December 1984 issue of Twisted Tales #10, and highlighted with a perfectly putrid cover painting by joltin' John Pound!


Brian Barnes said...

Bruce Jones had a long and storied career in horror comics (he even wrote under some assumed names, too.) I always looked forward to his stories in the Warren magazines. The man wrote Jenifer for Creepy!

He also had a really incredible (ha) run of Hulk about a number of years ago, very horror centered. Well worth a read for any horror comic lovers.

This is my Bruce Jones appreciation post!

JMR777 said...

I think the first tale just edges out the second one since it is a bit more believable, though it would be poachers bear hunting at night.

The panel, featuring Swamp Thing having a martini and puffing on a cigarette, while chatting to Cleopatra in a costume that leaves very little to the imagination, gets first place with the second one a close second.

A third tale could have been where the wearer of the bear skin turns into a bear under a full moon, similar to some werewolf lore.

Two great one pagers, Thanks for posting these.

BTX said...

Nice One Shots (got it in before anyone else) And a nice callback to a swampy thing man Bruce used to draw. No Three To Get Ready and Four to Go? A shame.

Mr. Cavin said...

Pretty cute conceit. I like the idea of bookend one-pagers. They could have done these as a running feature, at the beginning and end of every ish. I'm a little surprised by all the schlocky pink blood, but I can't say it doesn't fit the vibe. The costume party setting made for some funky cameos as others have pointed out. My faves being Beto Hernandez' Luba and Jean Giraud's Blueberry in the second story. But that drunken Rocketeer is not invited over to my place--XYZ, buddy, jeeze.

Glowworm said...

I love that the main characters in both stories share reversed names. Also love the bubblegum colored blood.

Grant said...

Between the writing that Brian Barnes mentions and Rich Corben, "Jenifer" always stays with me.

It's hard to read these two stories without laughing, not because they're goofy, but because they remind me of Woody Allen's "Moose" routine in his stand-up act.