Monday, December 4, 2023

The Black Cat!

We've been digging into these "Famous Tales of Terror" stories via Yellowjacket Comics, so we might as well knock out the few remaining entries as well for the next couple of posts. Consider this an early xmas present, because they're all Poe tales to boot! And we'll start it off exactly where Charlton did, from the September 1944 issue of Yellowjacket Comics #1 with-- The Black Cat! Stay tombed for more!


Brian Barnes said...

Credit where credit's due: They found an artist that could draw a good cat, in all types of poses. A lot of horror comics were full of weird looking cats, 6 legged spiders, bats without bodies, etc, but this is well done!

Retelling is good too, the pacing is good, and his downfall into a drunken lout is believable.

The kicking the monkey panel, though, that one got a laugh!

Nice retelling, looking forward to the others!

JMR777 said...

The artist did great work on this tale. Tis like night and day compared to the previous Old Witch tales.

Mr. Cavin said...

It does have kind of a Classics Illustrated feel to it. I think maybe the first half of the story could have been slimmed down half a page to allow a little more buildup for the final final reveal, but I'm just quibbling. The work here is pretty great without even taking into consideration how early it comes in the era of Golden Age horror.

Like Brian I'm impressed with the good cat art. I'd love to see the middle of page three on a pack of firecrackers or as a temporary tattoo.