Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Monster in the Mist!

Brian wrote in squawkin' for more sexy snake lady tales as featured here a bit towards the end of last month. So while I dig around for more of those, let's take care of another very long over due request from Shannon Walsh who wrote to me back in January asking for more creepy Kirk of Scotland Yard action! Sounds good to me as the other Kirk posts in the THOIA ARCHIVE HERE are some of my absolute most favorite precode detective horror stories of all time! And to make matters even cooler, Shannon's grandfather is actually Paul Parker-- the fabulous artist of these great golden age fright classics! I sincerely apologize for the delay-- please enjoy! From the June 1948 issue of Manhunt #9.


Mr. Cavin said...

Golly but that's a damn creepy ending. Bombing a swimming fog (a bubble?) into black goo is pretty strong stuff. And I don't need to tell you folks how much I love the process cyan effect of the mist monster.

I don't think any other thing this week will top the campy magnificence of that last panel on page five--I'd like to order the 600% enlargement on a (green?) ringer tee, please--but It's that last panel on page three that should be the yearly THOIA Xmas card.

Brian Barnes said...

I'm not going to stop squawkin' until this blog becomes 24-7 sexy snake lady tales!

This is one of those quick read late 40s super-hero mixed with horror tales; the monster appears with no explanation, the resolution and weakness just ... appear ... and you have our dashing he-man that takes the risk and takes it down.

"Strange Fingers Clamp like Fluid Iron on his Neck!" Like that one!

I'm not sure about the process that made the fog monster it's actually a slight bit distracting, but I love the bright red eyes, mouth, and saber-tooth maw. The artist has a great control of shadows, the first kill, Kirk with the flashlight underwater, great stuff.

Todd said...

Well, I'm glad that's all cleared up!

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll have more Kirk of Scotland Yard later this month, so come back occasionally to see what's what... I'm not gonna say any particular day/s though because I already had a few other things planned out for August and I'm too lazy to shuffle the schedule around. Thanks for the comments :)