Saturday, July 2, 2022

Phantom of the Disco

THINGS THAT GO AND DO THE BUMP IN THE NIGHT DEPT: Yes, it's Saturday, and if tonight you find that you have the fever for the flavor of something frightening, --then you've hustled on over to the right place! Okay, maybe this post isn't that frightening, but this fun 'n funky attempt by DC at cashing in on a particularly popular, nightclub cultural movement of the time, and in an eerie sort of three-page quickie (aka the July 1980 issue of Ghosts #90), really doesn't seem completely lost, or at all out of place for this comic book / music lover, --and I always appreciate a good polyester pair-up, haha. So come on everybody, --get down tonight!


Mr. Cavin said...

Well, I wait so long for my love vibration
An' I'm a-dancing with myse-helf ah oh

Have to say that Colletta's inks really stood out for me on this one. Especially that shading on the last page--what I usually think of as "basket hatching"--usually only looks right in the original pencils and other loose, sketchy work. But Vince rules, so he makes it work well here.

Fun story. It's always a hoot to check out when those square old New York publishing biz dudes (through the highly developed social sensibilities of the comic book creator) would try to get down with the cool cats. 1980, huh? Can't blame a biz for trying; Disco was definitely some of the rage! But I sure wish that little punk had crawled into the CBGC's bathroom window instead. I guess we'll have to wait till 1988 for that one.

Brian Barnes said...

That's the most drab disco ever! Even some of the lights are gray! Is this a disco that just does stoner metal?

I like how this is paced, there's not a lot of story but it actually has a good three act play; first page is the setup, second is the escape, and last is the comeuppance. I like the two panels at the bottom of page 2, it's always interesting when the artist decides to focus on an unknown in the foreground, Or an unknown butt, as they would.

Another fun take on the tell-tale heart story.

Mr. Karswell said...

Takin' this swingin' party to the graveyard in our next post-- thanks again to the usual disco ducks who continue to visit and comment here! haha

Captain Blog said...

Late here but have to mention disco was sooooo dead by 1980. Apropos?