Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Call Me Monster

Time for another installment of weird ass, Werewolf Wednesday, from the January 1954 issue of Mysteries Weird and Strange #4. Nuff said.


Brian Barnes said...

I absolutely adore big headed werewolf. I like our doctor's werewolf head too, which ends up being very hog like (though they forgot to do his hands.)

Page 6 is great, the screaming face, the giant bobble head werewolf, the shadowed kill, and I actually really like the shadow against the house as he runs to the car.

I like all the strange "modern art" type lines in this, on the splash, and all the crazy colors on the last page. It's an interesting thing I don't see much of on pre-codes.

Mr. Cavin said...

Of course, I too have to mention the groovy, avant-garde background stripes. At once an expedient and easy way to fill up negative space and--yet again--avoid those tedious background details, but also a florid expression of anxiety and altered consciousness. So damn cool. In places--like the splash or the second panel of page five--the look trips into the sublime, conjuring an Artfully Deco witch-space that Dario Argento would sigh over.

Love the Communion-style alien werewolf here, head so big he looks like he's wearing a mask of himself. That panel at the bottom of page two where he's high-stepping out of that Eisner-esque spray of buildings made me LOL. This whole thing was delightful. Even the WTF ending.

Grant said...

Bertha is described as a "fat fool," but in the fourth panel of Page 5 she looks genuinely athletic instead. In fact, just about an all-out female bodybuilder look.

Mr. Karswell said...

He looks more like a bat in the last panel to me, but a vampire hog is funnier. And I agree, the cool psychotronic background lighting throughout this one really adds some surreal scares. And does anyone named Bertha ever survive in a horror story? haha

Thanks for the comments-- got something super Satanic cooked up for Saturdays the rest of the month, so stay tombed for the devilish details-- UP NEXT!

Unknown said...

Thank you Karswell, I really enjoyed this tale. I though the art style had a Ditko feel. The two-tone faces were great. The use of shadows overall added to the spooky/feral feeling. The large headed werewolf look is fun.