Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It Roams These Hills!

Welp, I feel like THOIA doesn't have enough W's, so here we go with a wonderfully weird, whacked-out, and wildly wooly, Wally Wood story for Werewolf Wednesday this week! Wow! From Avon's Attack on Planet Mars won-shot (1951.)


Brian Barnes said...

There's definitely a lot of Wally in this .. the woman on page 2, panel 2-3 is very Wood-ish, but so much of that looks like an incredibly rushed job. GCD says Wood inked it, too.

I amazed at how much economy is in this story -- at three pages and a tight panel layout, it pretty much gets everything it needs to say, including the setup and the pop ending. I was kind of suspicious when the Anne mentioned that her father was a dentist so early in the story!

What a unique thing for me, I haven't seen a lot of 50s Wood work outside of EC (which is some of the all time great sci-fi comic art) so thanks for posting this!

Mr. Cavin said...

Awesome three-pager, though I'm a little confused as to just what the villagers were so worried about. I mean, sure, there's a raving beast in the hills--but he doesn't seen to be all that dangerous. Just keep him away from the roofies.

Actually, now that I think about it, this is probably the most realistic werewolf fairy tale I've read in a comic. It's just the slightest Mother Goosing away from being a straight-up date rape story.

You're on fire with the intros, by the way.

JBM said...

Wow whatta wonderful Wednesday. Thank you Mr.K.

Guy Callaway said...

A neat little tale...but the "beast" didn't seem very threatening.
He couldn't be caught or killed but, being a toothless werewolf, what did he do: chase people's cars, hump their legs?

Mr. Karswell said...

8 comments on a Hollingsworth post vs 4 on a Wally Wood post??!! What's going on around here?