Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I Went to My Own Funeral

Let's do one more Charlton classic before we switch it back up with the various publisher mix. And okay, I'm not sure I saved the best story for last, but it's definitely a weird winner, and contains an interesting plot device that I do believe is new to this blog-- a sex change! Yep, edgy stuff for the 50's, and you're seriously going to love that second panel at the top of page three. From the January - February 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #16, art by Dick Giordano again.


Brian Barnes said...

The sex change operation was the famous Christine Jorgensen operation ... I know this because it launched a ton of sex change exploitation movies, most notably (and Wood completely lost the thread on this, turning it into a transvestite movie) Glen or Glenda. PULLLLLL TTHHHEEEE SSSTTTRRRIIINNNGGGGSSS!

I think that movie beat this by a year, but it was a rage back than!

The great thing about this tale is it's not used in any way titillating (which is why the operation was big news) but just the device to get to the ending. It could have been magic or anything, and would have made no difference. They completely erased the reason this story was famous!

I really like page 4, looming heads with wild eyes, the "accident", that's a real comic page!

This story has a ton of completely unbelievable moving parts, but it's still a fun read!

JBM said...

Good morning Mr.K. and thank you. Another tale of insanity that is completely crazy. Who was unbalanced here? Every expletiving one of them. The last name Jethro threw me a bit having been exposed to the "Beverly Hillbillies". I find the last panel of page five unique. Thanks!

Mr. Cavin said...

Really digging the Giordano. Also loving the panel after panel of nutty revelation and weird exposition. I kind of wish everybody had just burst into the Rocky Horror floor show at the end, though. If the story ultimately falters, it's because the author tried glue the finale together with spurious Scooby logic. Much better to have that castle laboratory just blast on off into space.

Guy Callaway said...

I NEVER say OMG, but...OMG, this is nutz!
What's the '50's version of cocaine - maybe liquid glue?
Day made. :)

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, I knew you'd get a kick out of this one! So let's keep the weirdness a'flowin' with the long awaited return of WIG HORROR to THOIA-- thanks for the comments and see ya in a few!