Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Shambler from the Stars!

Time to get October rollin' around here, and to kick the month off proper, we could maybe use a little something different than the usual, preferably something from a true master story teller. Robert Bloch is certainly one of the very scary best, and with some help from Ron Goulart, Jim Starlin, Tom PalmerRoy Thomas, (and of course H. P. Lovecraft) how about a flash forward, Silver Age screamer from the February 1972 freak-out issue of Journey into Mystery #3.

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Brian Barnes said...

That layout is great.

12 panels a page (with a few exceptions) gives it a cinematic feel of being propelled through the story. Now, normally I complain about tight panel layout, but when you use it to show second by second action, it works well.

It also helps with an all star line up of writers, artists, and editors.

When it opens up (on the shambler panel) it really makes an impact. We know the ending of the story the minute it starts, but the journey is more of a surprise.

Very nice. Well written, well paced, well drawn, just a short horror comic.

JBM said...

October! A nice start to the month. Weird how the cover is really the last panel to the story. "Guest appearance by Gil Kane!" Thank you Mr.K. for this enjoyable edible.

Mestiere said...

"Tibi, magnum Innominandum, signa stellarum nigrarum et bufoniformis Sadoquae sigillum" Latin for: "To you, the great Not-to-Be-Named, signs of the black stars, and the seal of the toad-shaped Tsathoggua". Tsathoggua was one of Lovecraft's creations. He appears here as the Providence "mystic" who does the invocation from De Vermis Mysteriis. Since eighteen-year-old Bloch—future writer of Psycho—killed off his pen pal Lovecraft in this 1935 story Lovecraft returned the favor that same year with his story The Haunter of the Dark where Robert Bloch is Robert Blake.

You can read The Shambler from the Stars here and The Haunter of the Dark here. Bloch wrote a sequel in 1950 titled The Shadow from the Steeple. Here it is. There are, I think, Marvel adaptations of all three stories.

Mestiere said...

I must correct myself. Tsathoggua was invented not by Lovecraft but by another of his pen pals, Clark Ashton Smith.