Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Haunted House Gig

Let's take a tip from the great, M.R. James, and summon up a few ghost stories for xmas this season, shall we? But oh, wait a minute, we're still in titillating Torchy mode, --so let's goof off a little more with some grins 'n giggles and those gorgeous gams as only the great Bill Ward can draw 'em! Our next post will be a much spookier tale, I promise! From the July 1949 issue of Modern Comics #87.


Mr. Cavin said...

That suit of armor in the splash strikes me as somewhat risque. Merry Christmas, armor! And happy holidays to you too, Karswell.

Brian Barnes said...

Damn it, Mr. Cavin beat me (ARGH sorry) to the suit of armor. There's no way Ward didn't mean that as an in joke. Wertham missed a doozy with this one!

Let's do the insane heels round up on this one:

1. Images of Torchy = 22
2. Images with heels = 10

We almost hit 50%!

That's an abrupt ending, I almost thought a page went missing! Happy Holidays, Karswell!

Mr. Karswell said...

I thought the ending was perfectly hilarious. Go haunt a house, haha

JMR777 said...

A spook story in the same vein as an Abbot and Costello film, with a lead character that much easier on the eyes than Bud or Lou.

A crossover tale that should have been- Sargent Spook protecting Torchy from some mobsters. I suspect Sargent Spook would regret being on the other side after seeing Torchy.

Thanks for the change of pace, Karswell, horror-humor is welcome from time to time.

Guy Callaway said...

I really don't know from 'Torchy', but has anyone else seen the hysterical 1976 film 'Scorchy', with Connie Stevens? ;)

Mr. Karswell said...

Saw Scorchy at the drive-in as a kid on a double feature with Mother, Juggs & Speed, haha