Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Don't Wake the Dead!

As promised, more ghost stories for xmas, and this tale of terrible vengeance from beyond the gruesome grave materializes from the Sept '52 issue of The Beyond #15, with art by Jim McLaughlin. Hope everyone had a great holiday and a great year... we'll be finishing out December and 2018 on a few more rather spooky high notes-- so stay tombed!


Brian Barnes said...

Kenyon, you loser, save the woman!

I like this one, it goes at light speed, we get a gaggle of ghosts on the first page, at the same time we are introduced to our doomed folks. Then it's one murder after another (I love throwing the gravestone on the guy, he must have never seen that coming!)

The blank-eyed ghosts are a nice touch. I think we could have done without Kenyon, though, the wuss ... it seems I'm rally hard on him but he been shown -- twice -- that the dead have no power over him -- they can hold him or shove him over -- save the woman, or at least try!

JMR777 said...

"I'm Kenyon Berwin"

Berwin???? A fan of Svengoolie will get that joke.

Mr. Cavin said...

Another lovely and vibrant color job of the emotional and psychotropic style I like best. I was especially wowed by the bottom row of page three and the top of page five--the second panel of page five being so very great that I can't believe it's rivaled just two pages later by that green panel with blue hands at the end.

What a merry way to ring in the holiday. Thanks and Happy Christmas!

Grant said...

It seems like I've seen countless stories where the fake medium accidentally becomes a real one, but this one really kept me guessing.

When it comes to Kenyon, I can't help thinking he comes across as ineffectual because Delia (in spite of starting out as a fake medium) is also one of the victims of the story, so the story doesn't cause him to be too rough with her. (MAYBE that's it.)

It's funny that the man on the last panel of Page 5 looks just like a stereotyped gangster. It makes you wonder about his back story in particular.