Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Poor Mister Watkins

Well, despite what I said in our last story post, it doesn't seem right to end our Atlas Fest just yet. Unless you've been living on a desert island for the last few days, you have no doubt heard the sad news of Stan Lee's passing at the age of 95. So around here that means we're going to extend this Atlas tribute for the rest of November, and in particular we will be looking at sensationally spooky stories scripted by super Stan himself. Think of it as an early xmas present from Mr. Karswell, and The Man himself. Only gone a few days, and already missed is the understatement of the year.

From the March '53 issue of Menace #1, (art by Werner Roth.)

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Brian Barnes said...

Now here's how you write a script. The dialog is snappy and quick, and it lets the art lead with really setting up our pal Harry as the obnoxious bully that he is. Nice tie, though!

This is one of the horror stories where the "EC" ending is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what happens to Harry, just that it happens. What makes this fun is Harry's patter and the setup before he gets his just wrap-up.

Roth did some great facial expressions here! Page 1/Panel 1 of the librarians face and Page 3/Panel 2 for Harry are just perfect.

JBM said...

Well that was fun. Thank you Stan. Thank you Mr. K.. Those faces are people perfection. The bottom of page three is a Rudy Palaisian version of Edward Munch "Home Alone" The cover by Everett and the interior comic art fantastic. The emoting faces were everything here to me.

Glowworm said...

Now that was awesome! I agree with Brian, page three, panel two is a great closeup of Harry's face--his expression is perfect!
I also laughed a bit when Harry asked the new librarian why Cathy quit: "She said something about an objectionable, obnoxious,odious man annoying her!" "How do you like that? Someone else musta had his eye on her too!" Sure, Harry, keep telling yourself you're not the reason why Cathy's gone.
Harry's a downright nasty jerk, and it's fun to watch the payoff at the end where Watkins goes to town on him!

Shame though, I'm really gonna miss Harry's tie!

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, must be Wednesday! What a nice surprise, presto change-o, werewolf ending. And what a great splash panel, too! Looking forward to this Stan Lee tribute. There's certainly a lot to choose from, and about all of it is worth something.

Grant said...

Glowworm is right about Harry's little exchange with the new librarian. And there's also Harry's comeback line to the man. He speaks for anyone who's ever seen a "crush" replaced by someone else (an actress, a librarian, you name it).

Even if I didn't like it for any other reason, I'm sentimental about this story just by knowing it from one of those "Where Monsters Dwell" type reprint comics.