Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Fangs of the Swamp Beast

Something this blog has unfortunately lacked in the decade or so that I've been doing this are the perilous adventure tales of the ever alluring, scantily clad jungle girl. So with that in mind, I bring you a stimulating dose of dynamite wrapped in the sultry, red haired form of Taanda, the White Princess of the Jungle --vs a rampaging giant swamp monster! This is a fun one and also very well drawn, but sadly uncredited --though it's assumed by someone at GCD that it could be Everett Raymond Kinstler. From the August 1952 issue of White Princess of the Jungle #4.


Brian Barnes said...

Hey, colorist, there's other colors than yellow! Was there a sale this week? Yeesh.

Fun little adventure story, though a bit silly in parts. If stabbing it in the right place killed it, certainly a bomb from a plane would have damaged the same area. And another convenient temporary knock-out in comics!

I like the art, and I like the creature design. Good art, Taanda is hot, but just completely slaughtered by the pretty rotten coloring.

I'm really liking this random "edge of horror" kind of stuff!

Mr. Karswell said...

>I'm really liking this random "edge of horror" kind of stuff!

Might keep a regular feature here at THOIA... not every post of course, but mixing it up a bit more throughout the months ahead. Just trying to keep things interesting around here as we enter into the low traffic / minimal comment time of the blogger season. Thanks!

Mestiere said...

They came up with an interesting, almost mythical origin for the monster. It was disappointing that a five million year old creature created from an alien spore and energy from a mysterious prehistoric storm could be killed with a knife. At least the comic portrayed Africans in a relatively more sympathetic, compassionate way than other comics of the time.

"Just trying to keep things interesting around here as we enter into the low traffic / minimal comment time of the blogger season." That's interesting. Check this out. Blog traffic and comments are not usually correlated. I wonder why it's different in your case.

Mr. Karswell said...

No idea why, and it's possibly not relative to all blogs... but I do notice a huge slump in numbers every year around this time, and I've definitely been doing this long enough to notice

Morbid said...

This blog slumps in readership because we're at the furthest point from Halloween? My theory.

Art is good in this one. She's got to have the most awkward dialogue amongst jungle girls -- though I am not an expert on this small population of superwomen, so maybe it's typical and she's just like all the other jungle girls? Wouldn't mind meeting some jungle girls to find out. Preferably if they look like prime time Tanya Roberts.

Guy Callaway said...

EEEEEEEEEEE! - not the most inspired monster noise, but he looked awesome.
Great little adventure.

Morbid said...

I revisited this story today and have to agree strongly with Brian -- this is perhaps the worst coloured story ever. Half of it isn't even coloured at all! Look at that first page. Probably this should have been presented in black and white. It's a well drawn story that deserved a lot better.

Grant said...

Mestiere's comment about the natives is interesting. I wonder how many Tarzan type characters (including "female Tarzan's") have ever gone so far as to call the natives their "adopted people."

Mr. Cavin said...

I dig the art, too--and I don't even mind the coloring. It's pretty obvious the cyan pass has faded over the years. It's still possible to see the 50% screens (the lines) on every page, but they are broken up and don't really look blue anymore. The 25% screens (dots) are all but gone. So of course it all looks yellow--it's these blue screens that make the jungle green. It probably looked much sexier when it was still young.

That aerial strike panel really satisfies my inner Tops Trading Card lover. rarely do Jungle Girl Comics go full kaiju.