Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Black Closet / Breakout!

Let's do one more looney Lawbreakers post and then get back to mixing things up again this month, shall we? And here's a really weird tale that barely makes any sense-- but that definitely doesn't stop it from being insanely fun! The Art Capello illustrations are reminiscent of Ditko at times, and John Belfi returns yet again (3 posts in a row!) with another one page quickie, --PLUS!! more badly drawn bugs! From the May '53 issue of Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #12.


Morbid said...

I thought that was a pretty great story! Love the silent panels. It really felt like a descent into madness for him as things made less and less sense and his decisions were completely irrational. And a really good twist ending I never saw coming at all. Thanks for posting this one.

Mestiere said...

If Gordon's intention was not to kill Beryl, what was he going to tell people when she came out of that closet disfigured and dehydrated? Actually, after three days without water, she would have at least organ damage because her kidneys would not be able to clean her blood. She would need to be hospitalized.

"He certainly has a grim sense of humor, though. Hope he at least gets a chuckle out of the little joke I'm playing to him!" Yes, he laughed so much he had a heart attack (!). What a peculiar couple. It looks like Beryl was already familiar with Gordon's "humor". Too bad he died, I would have wanted to see more instances of their apparently sadomasochistic relation. A rather audacious story!

Guy Callaway said...

'Black Closet': Well executed faux-Craig art here. The chewed-face panels are pure nightmare fuel.
'Breakout!': So he just dug in a random direction (with the "smuggled in" shovel & crowbar)??

Mr. Cavin said...

Hey! Fooled by the cover! I like it. Another thing I like are these Lawbreakers thought balloons. I noticed them last time. Their cloudy edge puffs are so much more detailed than usual, so rounded and three dimensional that they actually look a little like brains. Thought brains! Pretty on-the-nose.

Brian Barnes said...

She took being locked in a closet really well! There's so much about this tale that defies any logical time line! Yet, I really enjoyed it, even thought it's inability to weave a proper narrative and yet using that narrative to create some creepy horror.

I wonder how many "digging out of prison" stories there are in horror/crime comics? I swear I've seen about every variation at this point! There's got to be one where the guy digs out and pops up "oh no, I'm on MARS!"