Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Fearful Night

Another terrifically illustrated, Toth-esque team-up from Sekowsky and Peppe, from Pines publications May 1954 issue of Out of the Shadows #13. Seriously, if we've told you once, we've told you 666 times-- don't mess with wicked witches! Cover art (possibly) by George Roussos.


Brian Barnes said...

There's a little too much story on this one but the art is fantastic. There's some great witch art, interesting use of shadows, some cool camera angles. The coloring is also really good.

The cover is awesome!

And, yes, thank you Out of the Shadows, I will "look out" for the cannibal!

Glowworm said...

Stephan's a bit forgetful if you ask me. He seems to forget that tonight is the night the witches run amok in the forest and he seems to have forgotten the very name of his own uncle. Then again,he was so freaked out by losing his soul to Satan, and the fact that he hasn't seen his uncle in so long, I can easily overlook that bit.
Still, who the heck trusts a creepy looking old woman who looks EXACTLY like a stereotypical witch (she didn't even need to disguise herself) in the middle of Transylvania? Even if I was hellbent on needing shelter from the dark forest filled with vampire bats I wouldn't stay there.

JMR777 said...

I can't explain why, but this comic feels like the storyboard of a 1960's Hammer or Amicus horror movie.
Add in a prologue about how Stephan was prophesied to become a slave of evil, how he was wanted for theft and attempted murder, squeeze in a semi clad babe as one of the witches, and viola, instant British Horror Classic.

This was a neat horror treat, Karswell, Thanks!

Mr. Cavin said...

Really dug the creepy woods vibe here, and those dark shape panels at the top of page two are totally scary. The figure drawing and compositions really are pretty Toth-like, but I found the character's faces to be unexpectedly fine. Like, this could have gotten away with a lot more breezy caricature, but didn't stint. There's also a good use of the whole color palette throughout the story.

I like these witches, they're shifty.

Morbid said...

A wonderful folktale feel to this one. And really nice moody art to take it to a high level. Like the best tales of witchcraft, the magic works kind of sideways and hits the victim in a way that they couldn't anticipate. Thanks for posting this one!