Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hot Stuf' House

Found a copy of the black and white anthology comic mag, Hot Stuf' #2 (Winter 1975), at my local shop the other day. It's full of sci-fi / fantasy tales and nude lady art (and just look at that gorgeous Ken Barr cover and Wrightson / Theakston team-up!) plus other random silly fun, and highlighted by 70's artistic big guns like Gray Morrow, Richard Corben, Neal Adams, Bob Keenan etc. Today's post seems to be the only actual horror oriented tale included, but it's pretty good and I'm always a sucker for a spooky tale told by an inanimate object. For more from this issue, CLICK HERE!


Dean Marks said...

A cool story with an ending that was both tragic and sinister. The black and white artwork definitely suited the more sombre tone of this story.

Mr. Cavin said...

That's a totally interesting process conceit they've used here the halftone screens. I'm not sure I'm one hundred percent on board, but I appreciate seeing anybody try something a little different or daring. I kind of wish there had been more dead people in this story (don't I always?) since I really dig how the artist drew the last couple of panels.

Neat find.

BTX said...

Real 70s era art.... Over rendered and at times disproportionate, which evokes a drugged out perspective. Using halftone screens which were all the rage esp. with B&W art. Just when you think the story is too sentimental, it slams on the brakes and goes dark. I have a couple of these issues too.... advertised in the back pages of Comicscene and Monster Times(!)

Mr. Karswell said...

For sure... and Mr. Karswell especially loves Barr's cover art for Hot Stuf' #4, it's like some futuristic variation on Casting the Runes / Night of the Demon:

thanks for the comments!

Mr. Karswell said...

And just a reminder, there's more Hot Stuf' from this issue over at my other blog as well:


Brian Barnes said...

It's hard to make up my mind on this one. It's very 70s type B&W mag horror, it's well executed though a little predictable. The art is good and bad in places, and like others, I don't know how sold I am on the halftones.

It's a solid, good horror story with some interesting art. I at first thought the idea was to have the humans being lighter, and the house be darker, but there's some panels where that isn't exactly done. Still interesting.