Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mad as the Devil!

It's 100 days until Halloween, and while scouring the Karswell Kollection for something appropriate to post, I stumbled upon this fun costume party devil encounter by MAD Magazine hero, Sergio Aragones, and thought, yes, sometimes it really doesn't get better than three perfect panels by one of the funniest men in the funny books today. (And you guys know how much we adore the Devil around here already anyway too, right?) Devilish artwork on the front and back covers as well-- this is a seriously hot little paperback collection of some of Sergio's best gags from 1975.

So who's already working on their costume for October 31st?


Dr. Theda said...

Gave my copy to a young Friend (back in 1999)

John said...

I remember seeing Aragones back in the early '70s at Comic-Con. The man was incredibly fast.

Brian Barnes said...

Great stuff! I wouldn't mind seem more monster-related stuff from Mad/Cracked/Crazy (or the 50s humor comics) in these halls, even though it's a bit outside your mission statement.

The puns on that back cover are painful, though!

Mr. Cavin said...

Sergio's definitely one of my heroes--this whole book is just page after page of sheer brilliance and Aragones probably could have produced the whole thing during a short lunch break.

I was definitely talking about my next costume earlier today.

Grant said...

I always remember a routine of his called "A Mad Look At Devils."
One cartoon showed a doghouse with three openings, marked "Cerberus."